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Own the Day, Own Your Life

Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping, and Sex

Profile picture of aubrey-marcus Aubrey Marcus (Author)
Apr 17, 2018 | 448 Pages
Own the Day, Own Your Life

If you're looking to change your life for the better, look no further than this handbook full of easy strategies for every part of your day. Marcus Aubrey is not only the author but also the CEO of Onnit- a human performance company that has become one of the world's most successful growing businesses.

This handbook by Aubrey Marcus answers the questions of how to get the most out of your body and mind on a daily basis, as well as how to change your life for the better. It guides readers through optimizing each moment of their day so they can live more fully and achieve their goals.

If you make positive, actionable changes throughout your day, you will feel better physically and emotionally, perform more productively, and be happier overall. These healthy habits become part of a routine over time and eventually turn into lifelong choices.

Every aspect of your day is covered in this manual, from workouts and diet to inbox triage, mindfulness, shower temperature, and sex.

Own the Day, Own Your Life establishes an optimization philosophy by examining modern studies and ancient practices from various cultures. This book provides life-hacking tips, nutritional advice, brain upgrades, and fitness regimens that can help anyone achieve their best self.

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