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Best Yoga Chair

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

Practicing yoga comes with many physical and therapeutic mental health benefits. Such as reducing stress, relieving anxiety, managing depression, decreasing lower back pain to stimulate brain function for a healthier human body. 

Whether you practice yoga in yoga studios or in your dedicated yogi room at home, it’s essential to practice yoga safely, with a good yoga chair or yoga ball rather than using a standard lounge chair. 

For some yogi’s you may need the assistance of a yoga chair if you suffer from mobility issues. To provide you with extra lumbar support and enable you with just the right amount of support to do the modified versions of various poses. 

Whether you want to work on your spinal twist, cat-cow stretches, or a headstand, seated twists, or you just require extra support for those cardiovascular functioning poses, there is a wide range of yoga chairs that will enable you to do that.

We trawled through countless yoga chairs to bring you a round-up of the best yoga chairs available, allowing you to clear your mind and perfect your best asana move!

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The Best Yoga Chairs

  • Designed in Germany and manufactured sustainably under the highest standards in Europe, the Feet Up Yoga Headstand Stool is an impressive addition to our top list of yoga chairs. 

    100% certified wood is used and crafted responsibly with eco-friendly packaging. Soft vegan leather is used to provide padded cushioning on the neck support.

    Outstanding for its unique design and shape, devised exclusively to enable safe inversions without risks or pressure on your neck or spine. 

    Includes a FeetUp Asanas poster, showing over 100 yoga, fitness, and relaxation exercises for your daily practice along with a first inversion guide. 

    Available in 4 color combinations, you get to practice inversions with your mind at peace that your yoga chair is ethical!

    An excellent yoga inversion chair!

    Key Features
    • Made in Europe
    • 100% certified wood
    • Soft vegan leather
    • Comes with a poster outlining 100 yoga, fitness & relaxation exercises
    • First inversion guide
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Brand : FeetUp
    • Model: Feet Up Yoga Headstand Stool
    • Specifications: H 15.8 x L 25.2 x W 15.8 inches
    • Sustainably manufactured
    • Eco-friendly packaging
    • The perfect chair to enjoy all the benefits of inversions right away without risks or pressure on your neck or spine
    • Competitively priced
    • Ideal for all levels of yoga practitioners
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Provides great neck & shoulder support
    • Great for building core strength
    • Not suitable for users that exceed a bodyweight of 250 pounds
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  • Conforming to your body and reclining for all those yoga balance moves are made possible with the BonVivo Yoga Meditation Chair. 

    It's a stylish floor meditation chair and yoga chair rolled into one. Ideal to save space in your home. The seat's backrest offers an adjustable feature that gives you support to achieve a comfortable posture. 

    The mixture of padding, PE, and PU foam ensures maximum seating comfort and can be assembled and disassembled with minimal effort. 

    The BonVivo Yoga Meditation Chair is foldable, it can be easily stowed away and thanks to its carrying handle is lightweight and easy to transport. 

    The chair is stable and supports maximum body weight of 220 pounds, so you can sit in your yoga pose peacefully!

    Key Features
    • Material: polyurethane & PE foam filling
    • Fabric: polyester & warp knitting
    • Adjustable backrest & an angle of 90 degrees
    • Supports body weight of up to 220 pounds
    • Premium stain-resistant fabric
    • Extra thick padding
    • The cover is removable & machine washable
    • Brand : BonVivo
    • Model: BonVivo Yoga Meditation Chair
    • Specifications: 38.58 x 3.15 x 16.93 inches
    • Portable, just grab & go
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to clean
    • Lightweight
    • High-quality fabric
    • It's foldable & conforms ideally to the body offering maximum comfort for sitting & reclining
    • Meditation chair & yoga chair
    • Functional & versatile: gaming, watching TV, reading, extra seating & yoga chair
    • Promotes healthy posture
    • Only adjusts to 180 degrees, not other angles
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  • Safely build core strength and practice inversion therapy, while relieving neck tension with the WV WONDERVIEW Yoga Inversion Chair

    Sporting a high-density foam cushion makes it a comfortable chair to invert, providing welcome lumbar support and no pressure at all on your head and neck.

    The metal frame design is durable and strong, providing the right support, along with the non-slip pad. This sturdy chair is not moving, it's staying put. 

    The removable cushion provides flexibility to use the yoga chair when doing different yoga poses and the ergonomic design allows even a novice to start practicing inversion therapy safely. 

    Let the WV WONDERVIEW Yoga Inversion Chair support you!

    Key Features
    • High-density PU cushion material
    • 4 cm thick sponge
    • Thick aluminum legs
    • Non-slip pad
    • Reinforced design
    • Steel frame design
    • Removable cushion
    • Brand: WV WONDER VIEW
    • Model: WV WONDERVIEW Yoga Inversion Chair
    • Specifications: Cushion: 7.5 x H 4.5 x W 16.9 inch
    • Ideal for building core muscles & practicing your inversions
    • Great for relieving neck tension & resolving problems with headstands & shoulder stands
    • Competitive & affordable price
    • Non-slip pad & reinforced design make it a sturdy chair & durable
    • Helps with the body's blood circulation & improves blood supply to the head
    • Multi-use chair: home gym, push-ups, core work & inversions
    • Compact
    • Assembly may not be straightforward
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  • Align your spine with the revolutionary yoga ball chair that will change the way you sit with the Gaiam Yoga Ball Chair. 

    Designed to encourage wellness and help to soothe aches and pains. You get micro-movements from sitting on a balance ball chair to engage the body and mind, leading to higher energy levels and increased productivity. 

    Constructed with a stable, lightweight base made from molded PVC, latex-free it supports a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds. 

    The height of the back of the chair is 2.5 feet tall, with the base measuring 20 inches wide from one side of the wheels to the other. 

    A great chair to improve your posture and improve your balance. 

    You get a balance ball and base, back support, easy-glide locking wheels, a support bar, and an exercise guide. Enabling you to get optimal performance with the Gaiam Yoga Ball Chair!

    One of the best yoga chairs at a budget-friendly price!

    Key Features
    • Latex-free, anti-burst 52cm balance ball
    • Balance ball & base
    • Provides back support
    • Easy-glide locking wheels
    • Support bar
    • Air pump
    • Exercise guide
    • Ball available in 9 colors
    • Stable, yet the lightweight base is made from molded PVC
    • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
    • Brand: Gaiam
    • Model: Gaiam Yoga Ball Chair
    • Specifications: 22 W x 31 H x 22 D inches
    • Ergonomic back support and spinal alignment yoga ball
    • Strengthens your core as you sit
    • Easy one-tool assembly
    • Desktop workout guide provides an effective low-impact workout and stretching routine
    • Promotes micro-movements and constant stimulation of the body - the mind will experience a heightened sense of focus and concentration
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Budget-friendly
    • Not for practicing head & shoulder stands
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  • You'll be hard-pressed to find a more impressive backless yoga chair to help you relieve back pain and help build your body shape, than with the Qarm Auxiliary Yoga Chair

    With no front crossbar, it allows the widest range of poses to be done and with no backrest attached, it's suitable for any yoga practitioner.

    The bold steel tube chair bone makes it stable and firm, and the seat cushion is constructed with cotton and linen fabric. Dirt-resistant and wear-resistant provide welcomed support to the back.

    It comfortably supports a maximum weight of 250 pounds. 

    The Qarm Auxilliary Yoga Chair truly is a versatile chair that can be used for standing or sitting asanas, forward extensions, twists, inversions, backward extensions, and abdominal asanas.

    Priced competitively, you'll get a bang for your buck. Let Qarm Auxilliary Yoga Chair be the best yoga chair that you choose to lean on!

    Key Features
    • Backless yoga chair
    • Bold steel tube chair bone, stable and firm
    • With cotton and linen fabric cushion
    • Dirt-resistant, wear-resistant
    • Double-barred back leg
    • H-shape metal legs with soft and high-quality flax and sponge pads
    • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
    • Brand: Titoni
    • Model: Qarm Auxiliary Yoga Chair
    • Specifications: 16 W x 32.5 H x D 16 inches
    • No front bar, allowing the widest range of poses
    • No backrest attached
    • For your best yoga, catering for various positions
    • Suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced level practitioners
    • Sturdy & comfortable
    • No assembly required
    • People who like to grasp a horizontal bar at the front, will not like that they can only grasp the horizontal bar between the back legs
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  • An impressive backless chair that is designed for practitioners of yoga who wish to deepen their best yoga should opt for the Samadhaan Iyengar Backless Yoga Chair

    It's an excellent yoga chair to help advance your yoga practice to perform difficult poses without modifications or without support. Ideal support for beginner-level to advanced-level yoga practitioners. 

    With a flat seat, it's perfect for the right alignment of your body. The back legs are connected with a bar, which makes it particularly strong and durable. 

    Made with a high-grade tubular MS frame, the chair is a powerhouse to support a maximum weight of 220 pounds. 

    Sporting a corrosion-free material with a powder-coated durable finish adds to the strength of the structure, making it resistant to shocks and breakages. 

    It comes with a free poster illustrating 45 chair yoga poses, so all you need to do is practice your favorite yoga pose with the Samadhaan Iyengar Backless Yoga Chair!

    Key Features
    • Metal Yoga Chair
    • Backless Design
    • Flat seat rest
    • High-grade tubular MS frame
    • Corrosion-free with powder-coated finish
    • Folds up for easy storage
    • Designed for Restorative Yoga
    • Max recommended weight: 220 pounds
    • Brand: Samadhaan
    • Model: Samadhaan Iyengar Backless Yoga Chair
    • Specifications: 36.93 x 18.35 x 1.81 inches
    • Designed for yoga practitioners to deepen yoga postures & develop your best yoga
    • Comes with a free poster with45 chair yoga poses
    • Helps to perform asanas which are difficult to perform independently
    • Useful for beginner to advanced levels
    • Suitable for sitting or standing asanas, forward extensions, twists, inversions, backward extensions & abdominal asanas
    • Easy storage
    • Pricey
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  • It's no surprise that this extra-large relaxing meditation and yoga chair complete with back support and a meditation block has made it into our top list of yoga chairs with the Friends of Meditation Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Chair.

    Ideal for helping people with back problems or limited flexibility and maintaining an upright posture when you sit cross-legged. 

    It comes with a detachable curved back support for keeping the spine in perfect alignment, and a detachable 3-inch Zafu for raising hips to avoid the numbness of legs. Make this a good yoga chair to sit in comfort and practice all those key asana moves.

    The durable soft-brushed cotton cover is zippered and removable for easy cleaning and it comes with a complimentary water-resistant bag making it easy to store or transport.

    Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a solid 7-year warranty allows you to get accustomed to prolonged sitting with your Friends of Meditation Relaxation Meditation and Yoga Chair.

    One of the best yoga chairs on the market! 

    Key Features
    • Extra-large meditation chair & yoga chair
    • A detachable curved back support
    • Water-resistant bag
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Registered design in India
    • Thick padded
    • Soft brushed cotton cover is zippered
    • Cover removable for cleaning
    • Brand: Friends of Meditation
    • Model: Friends of Meditation Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Chair
    • Specifications: H 28.5 x L 24 x W 22 inches
    • Extra-large yoga chair
    • Great for users below 6'2'' / 188cm
    • Complimentary water-resistant bag
    • Detachable 3-inch zafu for raising hips to avoid numbness of legs
    • Multifunctional use: sitting on the floor, helps with back problems or limited flexibility
    • Helps beginners in meditation for prolonged sitting
    • Ideal for a day-long retreat or seated yoga positions & practice chair yoga safely
    • Easy maintenance
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • 7-years warranty
    • Expensive
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  • Get a yoga inverted stool to help support the weight of the shoulders to help you do a correct inverted position with the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

    The Restrial Bench is ergonomically designed to support the weight through the shoulders and make the headstand simple.

    Made of environmentally friendly solid wood materials, the framework is also designed with super pressure resistance and has a high-density PU sponge cushion providing maximum comfort. 

    In addition to helping with the best yoga headstand, it also helps with other yoga exercises making it truly versatile. 

    Easy to install, it comes with a non-slip mat preventing floor scratching or sliding, and supporting a maximum load of 300 pounds makes the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench one of the best yoga props available!

    Key Features
    • Material: wood & high-density PU cushion
    • Maximum user weight: 330 pounds
    • U-shaped pads & t-pads
    • Ergonomic design
    • 100% certified wood
    • Waterproof PU
    • Non-Slipmat
    • Steel frame
    • Yoga action guide & brochure provided
    • Brand: Restrial Life
    • Model: Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench
    • Specifications: H 15.4 x L 24.5 x W 15 inches
    • 5-year warranty
    • Eco-friendly
    • Enables the best yoga block exercises, waist exercises, leg exercises, hip movement & many other yoga positions
    • Maximum user weight: 330 pounds
    • Ideal for a yoga studio, bedroom, balcony, office, gym & outdoor use
    • Easy to install
    • Multifunctional stool: yoga headstand bench & yoga block
    • Easy to carry & popular with yoga enthusiasts
    • It may not be suitable for people with blood pressure
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Yoga Chairs Buying Guide

A yoga chair is a prop to help give support to yoga practitioners who have stiff or weak legs, which may be prohibiting practitioners from doing certain yoga poses. 

Using a yoga chair to balance on, enables different poses to be done safely with the support required. 

Yoga chairs come in a few different styles, from backless to balanced ball chairs, to name two styles. The different designs allow you to focus on specific yoga moves. 

We’ve compiled a helpful buying guide, outlining the key features you may need to screen for, to prevent the process of buying a yoga chair from being intimidating. 

Leaving you to strike your best yoga pose! 

Yoga Chairs

Yoga chairs are a great tool to provide support and help modify moves for people who lack mobility. Leaning or holding onto a chair allows you to extend your legs, while your upper body weight is supported by the chair. 

Yoga chairs are also ideal for providing security to practice all those tricky yoga poses requiring a balance of steel.

A yoga chair is also invaluable in helping to learn a particular shape or movement that is assisted with the resistance the yoga chair provides. 

With time you’ll get better at doing yoga poses with the help of a yoga chair.

Benefits of Yoga Chairs

Yoga chairs might be best known as a way to get in shape, but they can also provide other health benefits. 

Many therapists use yoga chairs for physical therapy and treatment sessions. For example, people with osteoporosis or those recovering from hip replacement surgery can use yoga chairs to improve their balance and range of motion.

Additionally, people with chronic pain or other health conditions can use yoga chairs to help relieve their symptoms. 

Chair yoga is a great way for people with mobility issues to participate in the practice, and the support that a yoga chair provides can make it easier for them to hold poses for an extended period of time.

It’s no secret that practicing yoga nourishes your mind, body, and soul, and keeps you fit. 

The best yoga chairs for you will depend on what you want to do with them and how much you're willing to spend.

Features of a Best Yoga Chair

Type of Yoga You Want To Practice

What kind of poses do you wish to do with the yoga chair?

What’s the best yoga for you? Do you want to recline? Stand? Invert as you can with yoga swings or inversion tables? Twist? Balance? Or a combination of all these moves?

If you want to focus on perfecting inversions, it’s better for you to look for an inversion yoga chair. 

If on the other hand, you want to use the chair to balance on for support, you may find a standard yoga chair more suitable. 

Types of Yoga Chairs

The style of chair you select will be determined by the kind of yoga poses you wish to practice, and your age and height. 

There are many types of yoga chair models from the Iyengar Yoga Chair to the Gaiam Yoga Ball Chair.

Standard Seat

If you have a standard desk chair or kitchen chair at home, it may work as a yoga chair. 

Whether it's a wooden chair or an average metal foldable chair could work for you to sit on or use as pillars. However, they may not be the correct height for you or your body type. 

Whilst many desk chairs work as substitute yoga chairs, you need to make sure the desk chair does not have wheels or armrests. 

Backless Yoga Chair

Backless yoga chairs enable a large range of yoga moves to be accessible to you. There are lots of inexpensive backless yoga chair options on the market.

Typically they are foldable metallic chairs that are sturdy and strong.

Balance Ball Chair

Balance ball chairs have become hugely popular as replacements to the standard desk chair.

Balance balls embrace sitting on a ball, activating your core, and having to consciously work on your back posture. 

Balance balls can also act as an effective yoga chair. If your balance ball has wheels, make sure you lock the wheels in place when using it for yoga practice.

Inversion Yoga Chair

An inversion yoga chair will safely build core strength and help you practice inversions.

Inversion yoga chairs help to relieve neck tension and help to resolve issues on how to do headstands and shoulder stands in yoga practice. 

Yoga Chairs FAQ

What moves can you do using a yoga chair?

Yoga chairs can help with many poses from twists, hip stretches, forward bends, cat-cow stretches, raised hand pose, chair pigeon, and spinal twist. 

There are also uniquely designed yoga chairs that help to do headstands and shoulder stands, with the right support and balance. 

For some yoga practitioners, it may be too difficult to attempt some of these moves correctly without the support of a yoga chair.

Who should use a yoga chair?

Yoga chairs are great for beginner-level yoga practitioners or elderly people who require the support of a yoga chair to maintain their balance and correct posture alignment. 

Anyone seeking greater flexibility, to increase mental focus, correct their body posture, lower their stress, and anyone who has back injuries would benefit from a yoga chair.

Yoga chairs are a great support mechanism for people with mobility issues, allowing them to modify yoga postures using the chair.

How much does a yoga chair cost?

Expect to pay between as little as $45 at the budget end and $280 at the premium end for a  quality yoga chair. If your budget allows, you’ll get your money’s worth.

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