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The Best Weighted Jump Rope

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Weighted Jump Ropes

A weighted jump rope is like regular jump ropes but it comes with additional weight. The weight can be in the form of weighted handles or weighted ropes where the cable rope itself is weighted. 

Weighted jump ropes are a versatile and affordable piece of fitness equipment for burning fat, getting lean muscle, and working the entire body, whether you exercise with the weighted rope indoors or outdoors.

Ideal for kicking your heart rate up several notches, weighted jump ropes also help build lean muscle and strength in your biceps, shoulders, triceps, and back. 

Weighted jump ropes are also phenomenal for growing power in the lower body and raising your capacity for anaerobic fitness, whether for champion sports or cross-training.

You may want to take a walk down memory lane, when you may have jumped rope as a child with double dutch or doing double unders. 

Or you may want to pay homage to Rocky-style entire body training. There are a wide variety of weighted jump ropes available to suit your fitness routine.

We've brought you a round-up of the best-weighted jump ropes available. Leaving you free to focus on jumping rope to the beat of the music and shredding!

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10 Best Weighted Jump Ropes in 2024

Weighted Jump Ropes Buying Guide

The best-weighted jump ropes enable a full-body workout, helping to tone your arms, legs, shoulders, and core, no matter what your fitness level is. 

With various types of weighted jump ropes available, it can get a bit intimidating to know the differences between each style. 

We’ve compiled a helpful buying guide, outlining the key features you may need to screen for, before making your purchase.

Weighted Jump Ropes

A weighted jump rope is a jump rope with added weight. The weight can be incorporated in the handles or the cable-rope itself is weighted. 

The weight provides greater resistance to a full-body workout, using more muscle groups.

The cables in weighted jump ropes are thicker and heavier than normal jump ropes to account for the weight. The handles are also bigger than average jump ropes.

Benefits of Weighted Jump Ropes

Weighted jump ropes have multiple benefits. The additional weight adds resistance to your workouts, so your muscles have to work harder, which helps you to strengthen your upper body and shoulders.

Weighted jump ropes are an excellent form of incorporating cardio and torching calories, increasing your elasticity and endurance in your leg muscles as well as improving coordination. 

The best-weighted jump ropes allow you to interchange the rope cable to progressively adjust the weight as your fitness level improves. Enabling you to challenge yourself and meet your fitness goals. 

Features of a Best Weighted Jump Rope

What's Your Goal

What is your goal in incorporating a weighted jump rope into your workouts? Are you trying to torch calories or trying to build strength and improve your agility?

Or are you simply looking to mix up your workouts to be fun? What is your current fitness level? 

This will also influence what you need to in a weighted jump rope when first starting out vs. a CrossFit devotee who may be no stranger to jumping rope. 

What kind of sport are you training for will influence the model of the jump rope that is suitable for you. 

For some users, the pulse-weighted jump rope will be a contender, for others the Te Rich Weighted Jump Rope and for some the Nike Fundamental Weighted Rope.

Rope Length

The correct length right for you depends on your individual height. The rope handle should come to just under your armpit. 

Many weighted jump ropes allow the length to be adjusted. Whilst many models allow the length to be adjusted, in order to adjust the length you may need to cut the cable in order to adjust it, making the adjustment irreversible. 

As a general rule of thumb, the rope should be 3 feet/91 cm longer than your height.


The rope that is ideal for you depends on your physical fitness level and goals. 

If your goal is to build strength then a heavier rope is a good option. On the other hand, if your goal is to get in some serious cardio, you may want to get a lighter rope.

 Typically, weights can range from as little as ¼ pounds to 6 or 7 pounds. If you are a beginner, then a lighter weight is more suitable for you.

For intermediate and advanced level users looking to build muscle mass and increase strength, you can opt for a mid-weight level. 

Some models of weighted ropes allow the weight to be progressively increased or they come with a few different weighted cables allowing you to increase the weight as your fitness level improves.

A weighted jump rope carries weight in the handles or the cable or both. Many users prefer the weight placement to be in the cables rather than the handles as this provides greater resistance and works more muscle groups. 

Which you prefer comes down to your personal preference. 

Rope Material

What is the cable material? This impacts how durable the weighted jump rope will be and its speed. Most ropes are made of one of four materials: leather, fabric, vinyl, or steel rope. 

Sporadically you may come across a rope that is constructed as genuine leather rope. 

Ropes made of fabric will be slower and are a great option for beginners, but they are less durable. 

Do you intend to jump rope on coarse surfaces or outdoors? If yes, you should opt for a vinyl or leather rope.

Steel cable ropes are the fastest and most durable. Ideally, look for steel cables that are coated for safety, and they hurt less if you accidentally clip yourself while jumping rope.

Handle Material

The handles in weighted jump ropes are larger than other types of jump ropes so that they can cater to your hand being further away from the body when rotating.

Handle sizes in weighted jump ropes are approximately 7 or 8 inches. It’s important that the handles are comfortable and ergonomic and allow a good grip. Preventing your hands to slip due to sweat.

Handles are made from different materials and coverings, including rubber, wood, plastic, aluminum, and sponge.

Rotation Mechanism

The point of a jump rope where the cable meets the handle is known as the rotating connection. A premium quality weighted jump rope will have a smooth ball-bearing system in place. 

The ball bearing mechanism allows the cable to rotate smoothly, preventing any tangling and minimizing other tensions.


Whether you want to use your weighted jump rope indoors or outdoors, they get whipped against smooth and abrasive surfaces. It’s important that you pick a cable rope that is durable and doesn’t shred.

Many people use a mat to jump rope, it protects the cable rope and minimizes the jumping impact.

Weighted Jump Ropes FAQ

How much do weighted jump ropes cost?

Weighted jump ropes vary in cost. At the lower end of the spectrum, they cost around $7 to $10 while on the premium end they can cost $100 and above.

How to workout with a weighted jump rope?

There are some amazing workouts you can do using a weighted jump rope.  

Below is a great 10-minute video to get you started with jumping rope with the correct technique.

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