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The Best Hand Grip Strengthener

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Hand Grip Strengtheners

We use the muscles in our hands, wrists, and forearms every day to hold and grip items from the minute we wake up to when we lay our heads down to sleep. 

You may find that the muscles in your wrists, forearms, and hands can tire easily when you're midway through a task. You don't have to accept this lack of strength as the status quo.

Many people are using some form of a hand grip strengthener to increase forearm and hand strength, to aid a recovery or rehabilitation program. Like anything strength and endurance improve the more you train a muscle. 

These days there are so many types of grip endurance strengtheners, some focusing on the whole hand to others focusing on finger strength. 

Some models allow the resistance level to be adjusted as your grip strength improves, while others focus on improving individual finger strength. 

We rounded up the best grip strengthener shortlist on the market, leaving you to focus on improving grip strength!

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11 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners in 2024

Hand Grip Strengtheners Buying Guide

You may be someone who engages in strength training with moves such as deadlifts or with a pull-up bar or a musician who plays an instrument. 

If you find your hand and forearm muscles, pinch grip, or your fingers grip slipping, you will find it immensely useful to train with hand grips to strengthen the muscles in your forearm, fingers, and hands.

There are many types of grip strengthens, some focusing exclusively on strengthening fingers, others focusing on the overall hand grip. 

What kind of resistance do you want and do you want the ability to adjust the resistance? 

Do you want a kit that comes with grip rings? Should the hand grip have an inner aluminum arm? 

We've outlined the key criteria you should consider before making your final purchase to ensure the final hand grip you buy suits your needs. With all that said getting gripping!

Hand Grip Strengtheners

A hand strengthener or hand gripper is a workout device that enables you to train and improve hand grip and the strength in your forearms, wrists, including fingers. 

They are used by a variety of people from athletes performing pull-ups and deadlifts, musicians who play instruments, seniors who may suffer from pain, sufferers from functional limitations, sufferers of tendonitis or inflammation.

Benefits of Hand Grip Strengtheners

There are multiple benefits of using a hand grip strengthener. It improves grip strength, finger strength and works the muscles in your forearm and wrists.  

When you are doing strength exercises, such as deadlifts and pull-ups, hand strengthners build a strong grip to it improve the hand’s endurance to grip things firmly and for longer. 

Apart from building strength in your fingers and the palm of your hand, hand strengtheners build up your wrist and forearms muscles. 

Finally, hand strengtheners are great for reinforcing your weaker hand so that it gets stronger and they are also great for relieving stress.

Features of Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

Types of Hand Grip Strengtheners

  • The Crush Grip - This is the typical type of grip, between the palm of your hand and finger. This indicates how much capacity you have to squeeze by crushing things with your fist. The right kind of hand grip strengthener to improve your ability to squeeze/crush things is a hand grip with coil strengtheners.
  • The Pinch Grip - A pinch gripper influences the capability of your thumb and fingers to grip things, without using the palm of your hands. You want to look for hand strengtheners that focus on strengthening the muscles in the fingers so that they improve your pinch grip.
  • The Support Grip - The support grip looks at your grip longevity rather than your ability to squeeze. Or put another way,  how long you can hold onto your grip before you have to let go.

Fixed vs. Adjustable

Fixed Tension Hand Grip Strengtheners

With fixed hand strengtheners you are not able to adjust the level of resistance. 

This means over time if you wish to increase your resistance level, you’ll have to keep purchasing additional hand strengtheners with higher and more challenging resistance levels. 

Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners

Adjustable hand grip strengtheners are flexible. Enabling you to adjust the resistance as your training level improves in one device. 

Whilst this is hugely advantageous, the flip side is, an adjustable hand grip strengthener has more parts to navigate which can raise the question of how durable the device is if it’s not made from the highest quality products.

Do you Need to Train Individual Fingers

Do you want to improve the overall strength of your hands? Do you want to work your forearms? Do you want the hand grip strengthener to also train your individual fingers?

Be clear on what you want, so that you can choose the right design hand grip strengthener to suit your needs.

Anti Corrosive

Aim for quality materials that will remain durable. Ideally look for alloy steel, aluminum, high-grade rubber when selecting a hand strengthener.

Resistance Level

Hand grip strengtheners come in a variety of different resistance levels. It’s key that you select the right tension based on what type of grip you want to train.

You want to incrementally increase resistance as your hand strength gets better. Broadly speaking if you are a beginner, you will most likely need a starting position resistance level of about 25 to 30 pounds. 

If you are on the advanced end of the spectrum, aim for around 230 pounds resistance. 


Look at the type of handle the hand strengthener has, is it comfortable? Will you need gloves to use it? Is there a particular size or material you are seeking? Pick what suits you. 

Hand Grip Strengtheners FAQ

How do I test my grip strength?

You can test your existing grip strength in 2 main ways.

You can use a digital hand dynamometer that uses a precision gauge sensor to measure your strength. 

You squeeze the hand dynamometer with maximum isometric effort for approximately 5 seconds. It will then display the grip value as weak, normal, or strong. 

The other way is you can use a pull-up bar and pull yourself up and time how long you can dead hang. You can switch it up by using different grip styles to test your endurance and make sure you time each grip style. 

How fast will my hand strength improve?

This depends on your existing grip strength, how dedicated you are to training frequently and consistently and the type of handgrip strengthener you use, and the kind of training exercises you are doing.

Like with anything if you stick with it, the results come.

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