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Best Hand Grip Strengthener

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

We use the muscles in our hands, wrists, and forearms every day to hold and grip items from the minute we wake up to when we lay our head down to sleep. 

You may find that the muscles in your wrists, forearms, and hands can tire easily when you’re midway through a task. You don’t have to accept this lack of strength as the status quo.

Many people are using some form of a hand grip strengthener to increase forearm and hand strength, to aid a recovery or rehabilitation program. Like anything strength and endurance improve the more you train a muscle. 

These days there are so many types of grip endurance strengtheners, some focusing on the whole hand to others focusing on finger strength. 

Some models allow the resistance level to be adjusted as your grip strength improves, while others focus on improving individual finger strength. 

We rounded up the best grip strengthener shortlist on the market, leaving you to focus on improving grip strength!

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The Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

  • The IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Grip Strengthener is one of the best hand grip training tools you can buy. 

    Captains of Crush Hand Grip Strengthener changed the world by taking what had been a cheap, imported plaything and turning it into a beautifully crafted strong grip training tool for serious strength athletes. 

    Made in the USA and known worldwide as one of the best grip strengtheners, nothing else puts the power in the palm of your hand like a Captain of Crush Hand Strengthener. 

    Available in 11 different strengths, allowing for progressive training involving different exercises from a beginner to someone seeking enough resistance to literally crush a raw potato with their bare hands. 

    Whether you’re training your grip strength for baseball, golf, obstacle course racing, or rock climbing, you'll experience a more durable and strong grip. 

    Let the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper give you a better grip in no time!

    Key Features
    • Made in the USA
    • Knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles
    • GR8 springs
    • Accurate, precise, durable
    • Alloy steel construction
    • Available in 11 different strengths
    • Brand: IronMind
    • Model: IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 5 x 4.5 x 0.75 inches
    • Great training tool for stronger hands, custom fit with progressive strength levels
    • Top-quality durable gripper
    • Affordable crush hand gripper
    • Great for beginners, seniors, rehab patients, if you are active & if you use the strength of your hands in your daily job
    • Ideal grip training for baseball, golfers, shooter, for obstacle course racers & climbers
    • Captains of Crush Hand is one of the best grip strengtheners on the market
    • Not for people seeking pinch grip or support grip style hand grip strengtheners
    • Sold separately, not in a pair
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  • The D'Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser is the ultimate conditioning tool for all musicians at a super budget-friendly price. 

    Designed to develop and maintain the strength and dexterity of your fingers, hands, and forearms, the D'Addario Varigrip features an ergonomic design and variable tension that is customizable for each individual finger.

    The reversible molded grip uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger calluses, ideal for instrument players. 

    Whether you are warming up pre-show or conditioning when you're away from your instrument, the D'Addario Varigrip is ideal for use at home, at the office, or on the road. 

    With tailored tension, comfortable to use, it's time you got your fingers, hands, and forearms in peak form before hitting the stage!

    Key Features
    • Ergonomic design
    • Over-molded finger pads & grip
    • Adjust & customize tension for each finger
    • Simulated strings
    • Brand: D'Addario
    • Model: D'Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser
    • Specifications: 2.36 x 2.76 x 0.79 inches
    • Variable tension, allows you to customize tension on individual fingers
    • Ideal for pre-show warm-ups & maintaining the strength of musicians
    • Comfortable to use
    • Toughens your fingertips
    • Economical price
    • Beginners may find the tension too much, even when on the lowest setting
    • Does require conscious coordination of the finger(s) you are working
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  • The E-smartinlife Hand Grip Strengthener is a set of 2 quality foam hand strengtheners perfect for athletes to increase finger, hand, wrist, and forearm stamina.

    The perfect device to rehabilitate and relieve pain, for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis.

    The ABS plastic hand and spring are connected firmly, and the foam handles provide high elasticity and offer comfort. preventing your fingers from hurting.

    The groove design makes your fingers connect closely with the foam and the strong and tough carbon steel wire provides a spring force up to 55 pounds. 

    Start training both your hands now with the E-smartinlife Hand Grip Strengthener!

    Key Features
    • Pair of hand strengtheners
    • High elasticity foam
    • Engineering design finger fit
    • Tough carbon steel wire
    • ABS plastic
    • Spring tension: 20 - 25 pounds
    • Brand: E-smartinlife
    • Model: E-smartinlife Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 5.3 x 3.5 inches
    • Great quality & sold as a pair for a budget price
    • Ideal for users looking to do strength exercises on both hands simultaneously
    • Great for office staff, after strenuous sports training & improving circulation
    • Excellent for different exercises for fingers, palm & wrists
    • Fits all hand sizes
    • Perfect for athletes, rehabilitate & relieve pain
    • Compact design
    • Slight squeaking sound from the friction of protection plate & spring
    • More advanced users may need greater resistance than 25 pounds
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  • The MummyFit Grip Strengthener is the ultimate hand grip strengthener, allowing you to do your exercises anywhere and anytime for an extended period.

    The silent operation allows you to work more muscles to strengthen your hand and grip and exercise your forearms and wrists without irritating those around you. 

    Crafted entirely from thermoplastic nylon and steel, this crush hand gripper is built like a tank to train a strong grip. The adjustment wheel is made from solid steel. 

    You simply won't find a higher-quality adjustable hand grip strengthener anywhere. 

    Backed with a lifetime guarantee and a 100% money-back guarantee, you can rest easy MummyFit Grip Strengthener won't run out on steam anytime soon!

    Key Features
    • Crush hand gripper provides 55 - 154 pounds crush resistance
    • Silent operation
    • Thermoplastic nylon & steel
    • Solid steel hinge pin
    • Non-slip grooves
    • Force level indicators
    • Powerful solid steel compression spring
    • Ergonomic grip
    • Close confirmation extension
    • Brand: MummyFit
    • Model: MummyFit Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 5.6 x 4.7 x 0.9 inches
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Silent
    • For fans of solid spring strengtheners
    • 100% money-back guarantee
    • Durable
    • Ideal for improving strength, hand grip & relieving stress
    • Great for tennis players, rock climbers & anyone looking to improve dexterity in their hands
    • Great for people seeking resistance of 55 pounds & above
    • Pricey
    • Some users would like to have a clear marking of how many pounds resistance they are using
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  • The Longang Hand Grip Strengthener is a great new device for training grip strength for those of you on a modest budget. 

    Improve the strength of your hands, fingers, wrist, and forearms with this impressive hand strengthener. Perfect for people who may have functional limitations or suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel. 

    Great for improving grip strength and training stronger fingers for enhanced, building grip endurance, toning muscles, and refining motor skills.

    The Longang Hand Strengthener is surprisingly effective and can be used whether at home, at the gym, or in your workplace to build hand strength and prevent injuries.

    Whatever crush strength level you are, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trainer, one of the 11 adjustable strengths available will cater to your hand grips’ desired resistance. 

    Take the Longang Hand Strengthener for a stronger grip with you anywhere. 

    Key Features
    • Enhanced spring for training
    • Resistance adjustment: 11 - 132 pounds
    • Ergonomic non-slip handle
    • Made from plastic, thermoplastic rubber & steel
    • Brand: Longang
    • Model: Longang Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 5.7 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches
    • 1-year warranty
    • Economical
    • Compact strong plastic design & portable
    • Spring-based strengtheners suitable for exercise, gym, home, workplace use
    • Great for enhancing hand & finger grip strength, endurance, dexterity, muscular tone & refining motor skills
    • Good training for sufferers of arthritis, people doing weight lifting & musicians
    • Some users found these to be weaker ones than more durable models
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  • The FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit contains an adjustable hand strengthener, finger strengthener, finger stretcher resistance band, hand strengthener grip ring, and a stress relief grip ball. 

    Which can help strengthen and exercise your hands, fingers, wrist, elbows, and forearms. 

    The ergonomic soft handle of the hand grip strengthener is not only fit for small and large hands but ensures a comfortable experience holding the handles. 

    The resistance of the hand grip strengthener is perfect for both men and women with a larger range of strengths that can be adjusted from 22 to 132 pounds in the blink of an eye. 

    A TPR stress relief grip ball has high elastic and it can not only enhance your hand strength but at the same time help relieve pressure. 

    The finger exerciser boasts an ergonomic design that fits your hands well and improves finger strength and flexibility. 

    The hand strength grip ring is made from silicone material, ensuring you get a ring that is highly resilient and challenges the power of your grip strength. 

    Accompanied by a tutorial video, you get clear guidance on how to use each accessory in the workout kit. Unleash your strength with the FitBest Hand Grip Strengthener!

    Key Features
    • 1 Adjustable hand strengthener: 22 - 132 pounds
    • 1 Finger exerciser: 4 pounds per finger
    • 1 Finger stretcher resistance band: Light resistance
    • 1 Hand strengthener grip ring: 50 pounds resistance
    • 1 Stress relief grip ball: Medium
    • 1 stylish carry bag
    • Tutorial Video
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring strengtheners
    • Lengthened handles
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Brand: FitBeast
    • Model: FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 7.48 x 4.33 x 2.56 inches
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Can be used to strengthen right & left hand
    • Fit for hands of all sizes, including teens & seniors
    • Affordable hand exerciser kit
    • Comes with an instructional manual
    • Great for people seeking hand strengtheners with progressive resistance
    • Perfect for improving strength, power & speed in the wrists, fingers & forearms
    • Some users find the hand gripper works well on lower/medium resistance but is not durable when increasing resistance to the upper end
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  • Improve your hand grip with the CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Hand Grip Strengthener

    The CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer is engineered as a professional testing device for handgrip strengths suitable for any doctor's practice, physical therapy clinic, engineering lab, or gym.

    Sporting an adjustable center knob allows the device to be adjusted for different hand sizes and preferences.

    Impressively the CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer stores 19 definable user data and is able to save and recall test results for each user. 

    If that wasn't impressive enough, it displays the incremental increase, or decrease from the last record for each of the 19 users. Each test run is rated "weak", "normal", or "strong" Allowing you to track how your strength improves over time.

    The CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer enables switching from pounds to kg and is backed by a solid 5-year warranty.

    Test your strength now!

    Key Features
    • Adjustable knob
    • Handle adjusting indication
    • High precision strain gauge sensor
    • Accurate momentary digital reading or gripping power
    • Stores data for up to 19 definable users & records can be recalled anytime
    • Clean LCD screen
    • Operated with 2* AAA batteries
    • Easy switch from pounds to kg
    • Brand: CAMRY
    • Model: CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 7.7 x 5.15 x 1.4 inches
    • 5-year warranty
    • Accurate & user friendly
    • Stores data of up to 19 users & compare data from the last record to show an increase/decrease in strength
    • Customizable resistance
    • Easy to read large LCD screen
    • Ideal for exercising your hand, measuring your grip strength & lowering your blood pressure
    • Engineered as a professional testing device for doctor's, physical therapists, engineering labs, or the gym
    • Can switch from pounds to kg
    • Not everyone finds it easy to set up initially as the instructions are vague
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  • The Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is the original position spring-loaded hand and finger exerciser proudly made in the USA. 

    Build individual finger strength or the entire hand. The Prohands Gripmaster isolates and exercises each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance. 

    Boasting an ergonomic base provides comfort and stability and the surprising effective spring-loaded finger pressure is pre-calibrated for precision. 

    Graduated resistances help a user measure progress and are available in 5 different punchy colors that allow you to brighten up your life. 

    It's time you started your journey to have stronger, healthy hands, wrists, and forearms with Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser.

    Key Features
    • Ergonomic base
    • Spring-loaded finger pressure
    • Graduated resistances help the user measure progress
    • Available in different resistance levels
    • Made in the USA
    • Made from high-quality components ABS durable plastic
    • Stainless steel coil strengtheners & approved Santoprene
    • Available in 5 different colors
    • Brand: Prohands
    • Model: Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser
    • Specifications: 3.5 x 2.75 x .50 inches
    • Competitively priced
    • Comes in different colors
    • Great for strength, power & endurance for athletes
    • Ideal for anyone wanting to develop & maintain strong healthy hands
    • Available in different resistance levels
    • Used by professional athletes, world-class musicians & as a rehabilitation tool
    • Can exercise each finger individually, or the entire hand
    • Excellent coil strengtheners
    • The finger pads have no padding, which can make them a little less comfortable
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  • The IMENSEAS Hand Grip Strengthener Kit packs a powerful punch with a kit containing 7 items from a hand grip strengthener, 3 finger stretches, a finger exerciser, a hand grip ring, and a stress relief grip ball. 

    The hand grip strengthener resistance ranges from 22 to 88 pounds, enabling your grip strength will improve gradually. PP and TPR material is used to make it durable and comfortable. 

    An ergonomically designed finger exerciser fits your hands well and enhances finger strength and flexibility.

    Silicon material for the hand strengthener grip ring ensures high resilience, improving the strength and grip of your fingers. 

    Ideal for improving hand and finger strength for athletes such as rock climbers, tennis players, baseball players, or golfers and musicians who play an instrument.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase IMENSEAS will give you an unconditional refund. 

    It's time to build a strong grip with confidence!

    Key Features
    • Adjustable hand gripper: 22 - 88 pounds resistance
    • Grip strengthening forearm training
    • Hand and finger exerciser: 4 pounds
    • Finger stretcher resistance band - 3 levels resistance fits all hand sizes
    • Hand strengthener grip ring: 50 pounds
    • Stress relief grip ball - medium tension, grip strengthening decompression
    • Brand: IMENSEAS
    • Model: IMENSEAS Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Unconditional refund
    • Great for musical instrument training, finger exercise, physical therapy & basketball training equipment
    • Reduces joint pains, stiffness, releases daily stress & helps recover from arthritis, carpal tunnel & tendonitis
    • Great value for money, with a kit of 7 accessories
    • Progressive resistance levels
    • No warranty
    • Does not come with a user manual
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  • With the GD Iron Grip 90 Hand Grip Strengthener you can select the starting position for your resistance level and increase the resistance as your crush strength improves. 

    The resistance of the GD Iron Grip is generated by compressing a solid steel spring. Its completely silent operation allows you to strengthen your grip anywhere without annoying squeaky sounds. 

    The GD Iron Grip's axis of the handle is not twisted, making it an excellent choice to train both hands. No need to worry about right-wing and left-wing spring grippers. 

    You can adjust the distance between the handles until it fits one of your hands without the support of the other hand. 

    The price of the GD Iron Grip is not cheap, but you get 6 pieces of hand strength grip strengtheners rolled into one spring-based strengthener. You do the math.

    Build a stronger grip now!

    Key Features
    • Wide adjustable resistance
    • Adjustable width of handles
    • High-quality knurling
    • Anodized aluminum arm handles
    • Hard compressing spring, 5T iron
    • Brand: GD
    • Model: GD Iron Grip 90 Hand Grip Strengthener
    • 30-day return policy
    • 1-year warranty
    • Adjustable resistance to build hand grip & at the same time finger strengthener
    • Great for training both hands
    • Ergonomic design
    • Adjustable resistance between handles
    • A top of the range spring-based strengtheners
    • Silent operation
    • Expensive
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  • If you are looking for an effective tool for injury prevention, rehabilitation post-injury, improving sports performance, or enhancing the ability to perform everyday tasks, look no further than the Luxon 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener

    Constructed with stainless steel springs, easy turn daily, and durable plastic, combined with a comfortable handle made of non-slip material makes squeezing the Luxon grip trainers excellent to work all the muscles in your fingers, hands, and forearm. 

    Ideal for all abilities with a varied resistance that can be adjusted easily between 22 to 110 pounds, offering progressive resistance as your strength develops. 

    The Luxon hand grip strengthener comes in a pair, so you can work both your hands simultaneously. 

    The lightweight design makes it easy to exercise your hands anywhere and anytime!

    Key Features
    • Pack of 2 hand grip trainers
    • 100% ABS & stainless steel & rubber
    • Color: Black
    • Adjustable Resistance 22-110 pounds
    • Non-slip handle
    • Stainless steel springs
    • Easy turn dial
    • Sturdy and robust design
    • Brand: Luxon
    • Model: Luxon 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener
    • Specifications: 6 x 3.54 x 0.82 inches
    • An excellent training tool that strengthens your hands, wrist & forearm
    • Suitable for office workers, sports enthusiasts & the elderly
    • Great for people seeking hand grip strengthener with progressive resistance
    • Portable & easy to clean
    • Great for training both hands simultaneously
    • Competitively priced for 2 hand strengtheners
    • Some users may find these a little squeaky & noisy. May need to use a grease-like lubricant to keep oiled
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Hand Grip Strengtheners Buying Guide

You may be someone who engages in strength training with moves such as deadlifts or with a pull-up bar or a musician who plays an instrument. 

If you find your hand and forearm muscles, pinch grip, or your fingers grip slipping, you will find it immensely useful to train with hand grips to strengthen the muscles in your forearm, fingers, and hands.

There are many types of grip strengthens, some focusing exclusively on strengthening fingers, others focusing on the overall hand grip. 

What kind of resistance do you want and do you want the ability to adjust the resistance? 

Do you want a kit that comes with grip rings? Should the hand grip have an inner aluminum arm? 

We've outlined the key criteria you should consider before making your final purchase to ensure the final hand grip you buy suits your needs. With all that said getting gripping!

Hand Grip Strengtheners

A hand strengthener or hand gripper is a workout device that enables you to train and improve hand grip and the strength in your forearms, wrists, including fingers. 

They are used by a variety of people from athletes performing pull-ups and deadlifts, musicians who play instruments, seniors who may suffer from pain, sufferers from functional limitations, sufferers of tendonitis or inflammation.

Benefits of Hand Grip Strengtheners

There are multiple benefits of using a hand grip strengthener. It improves grip strength, finger strength and works the muscles in your forearm and wrists.  

When you are doing strength exercises, such as deadlifts and pull-ups, hand strengthners build a strong grip to it improve the hand’s endurance to grip things firmly and for longer. 

Apart from building strength in your fingers and the palm of your hand, hand strengtheners build up your wrist and forearms muscles. 

Finally, hand strengtheners are great for reinforcing your weaker hand so that it gets stronger and they are also great for relieving stress.

Features of Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

Types of Hand Grip Strengtheners

  • The Crush Grip - This is the typical type of grip, between the palm of your hand and finger. This indicates how much capacity you have to squeeze by crushing things with your fist. The right kind of hand grip strengthener to improve your ability to squeeze/crush things is a hand grip with coil strengtheners.
  • The Pinch Grip - A pinch gripper influences the capability of your thumb and fingers to grip things, without using the palm of your hands. You want to look for hand strengtheners that focus on strengthening the muscles in the fingers so that they improve your pinch grip.
  • The Support Grip - The support grip looks at your grip longevity rather than your ability to squeeze. Or put another way,  how long you can hold onto your grip before you have to let go.

Fixed vs. Adjustable

Fixed Tension Hand Grip Strengtheners

With fixed hand strengtheners you are not able to adjust the level of resistance. 

This means over time if you wish to increase your resistance level, you’ll have to keep purchasing additional hand strengtheners with higher and more challenging resistance levels. 

Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners

Adjustable hand grip strengtheners are flexible. Enabling you to adjust the resistance as your training level improves in one device. 

Whilst this is hugely advantageous, the flip side is, an adjustable hand grip strengthener has more parts to navigate which can raise the question of how durable the device is if it’s not made from the highest quality products.

Do you Need to Train Individual Fingers

Do you want to improve the overall strength of your hands? Do you want to work your forearms? Do you want the hand grip strengthener to also train your individual fingers?

Be clear on what you want, so that you can choose the right design hand grip strengthener to suit your needs.

Anti Corrosive

Aim for quality materials that will remain durable. Ideally look for alloy steel, aluminum, high-grade rubber when selecting a hand strengthener.

Resistance Level

Hand grip strengtheners come in a variety of different resistance levels. It’s key that you select the right tension based on what type of grip you want to train.

You want to incrementally increase resistance as your hand strength gets better. Broadly speaking if you are a beginner, you will most likely need a starting position resistance level of about 25 to 30 pounds. 

If you are on the advanced end of the spectrum, aim for around 230 pounds resistance. 


Look at the type of handle the hand strengthener has, is it comfortable? Will you need gloves to use it? Is there a particular size or material you are seeking? Pick what suits you. 

Hand Grip Strengtheners FAQ

How do I test my grip strength?

You can test your existing grip strength in 2 main ways.

You can use a digital hand dynamometer that uses a precision gauge sensor to measure your strength. 

You squeeze the hand dynamometer with maximum isometric effort for approximately 5 seconds. It will then display the grip value as weak, normal, or strong. 

The other way is you can use a pull-up bar and pull yourself up and time how long you can dead hang. You can switch it up by using different grip styles to test your endurance and make sure you time each grip style. 

How fast will my hand strength improve?

This depends on your existing grip strength, how dedicated you are to training frequently and consistently and the type of handgrip strengthener you use, and the kind of training exercises you are doing.

Like with anything if you stick with it, the results come.

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