International Shoppers Guide

Staying Alive - International Shoppers Guide

We’ve all been there, you’ve spent an age trawling the internet and fallen in love with several items you have to have! You add them to your basket and proceed to checkout.

You insert all the payment details and wait with bated breath to receive your confirmation email inclusive of your order number!

Only a pop-up appears that your transaction cannot go through because the item(s) you were trying to buy don’t meet one or more of the criteria outlined below:

  • The seller does not ship internationally and your delivery address is outside the US; and/or
  • Your billing address is an international address and it differs from your delivery address, which is a US address hence, for security reasons your transaction could not go through; and/or
  • Your credit card is an international credit card and not a US credit card and hence you are not authorized to buy from the US store.

Sound familiar? We hear you, we’ve been there.

You don’t have to be disappointed anymore. It’s a given that the US is a central location for a lot of the biohacking, fitness, and longevity tools and products out today.

We have included the three services you need to subscribe to that will allow you to buy from US online retailers and ship to your international destination smoothly.

Stackry – International Shipping

Let us introduce you to Stackry whose motto is ‘Shop USA, ship globally’. You buy something from a US retailer and you have your items sent to your US Stackry account, voila!

They offer international delivery without any hassle or worry. Watch the video below on how Stackry works and sign up for a Stackry account today. Happy shipping!

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Express VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network and it is an easy and effective way for people to protect their internet traffic. So what are some of the benefits of a VPN?

  • Change your location
    • With a VPN you can browse the internet as if you were located in the UK, Canada, the USA, or virtually any other country where you set the VPN location. Why? Most likely the items you want to buy are only available through a US online retailer.
    • If you want to browse US online retailers for products they don’t have on the EU or your country-specific website, then you will need to set your Express VPN location to the US and you can shop directly from US retailers to your heart’s content.
    • Another added bonus is if you are an avid Netflix viewer, changing your location will give you access to the US Netflix Store.
  • Protect your Privacy
  • Increases your Security
  • Increases your Security

The video below explains in greater detail what a VPN is, how it works, its benefits, and what you can do with it. No more restrictions on accessing US websites! Set up your Express VPN account and happy surfing!

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US Virtual Credit Card – Skrill

So you have a US shipping address, but if your billing address is different, this is an issue as many e-commerce sites have safeguards preventing cyber criminals from stealing sensitive credit card details.

Many US online retailers flag a purchase when the credit card billing address and the shipping address do not match.

What you really need is a card with a US address. I know you’re rolling your eyes right now, how can a US non-resident get a credit card with a US billing address right?

You need a US virtual credit card that is accepted globally including in the US. A US virtual credit card is actually a prepaid debit card. Providers of virtual credit cards’ key value proposition are allowing international shoppers to buy from US online retailers without hassle.

Once you submit an application for a US virtual credit card, there is a verification process, requiring you to provide documentation that you are indeed a citizen of this world, proof of a  legitimate residential address, a valid contact number, and a bank account.

Verification is typically done online and once your verification has been approved you are ready to use your virtual credit card. Before you can use your virtual credit card, you need to top up your card through one of the different methods permitted.

These methods include local bank transfer, PayPal, and local credit/debit cards. When you purchase anything make sure to have it delivered to your US delivery address.

Skrill provides US virtual credit cards, apply to Skrill for your US virtual credit card, top it up and shop until you drop!

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