GD Iron Grip 90 Hand Grip Strengthener

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With the GD Iron Grip 90 Hand Grip Strengthener you can select the starting position for your resistance level and increase the resistance as your crush strength improves. 

The resistance of the GD Iron Grip is generated by compressing a solid steel spring. Its completely silent operation allows you to strengthen your grip anywhere without annoying squeaky sounds. 

The GD Iron Grip's axis of the handle is not twisted, making it an excellent choice to train both hands. No need to worry about right-wing and left-wing spring grippers. 

You can adjust the distance between the handles until it fits one of your hands without the support of the other hand. 

The price of the GD Iron Grip is not cheap, but you get 6 pieces of hand strength grip strengtheners rolled into one spring-based strengthener. You do the math.

Build a stronger grip now!

Key Features
  • Wide adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable width of handles
  • High-quality knurling
  • Anodized aluminum arm handles
  • Hard compressing spring, 5T iron

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