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The Best Dip Bars

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Dip Bars

If you’re looking to bring a new and fun dimension to your home gym or outdoor workouts, dip bars, are the ideal piece of fitness equipment for upper body workouts that will allow you to max out your triceps, chest, and shoulders.

Dip bars or dip stations enable excellent bodyweight exercises that work multiple muscle groups.

For your fitness enthusiast dip stations allow standard dips, sit-ups, and leg raises, and a variety of upper body workouts. 

There are so many versatile dip bars to select from. If you want something fixed you could opt for dip bars that are mounted on the wall or there are countless portable dip bars to choose from. 

With a variety of different fixed and portable dip stations available on the market, we've brought you a round-up of the best dip bars available. So you can focus on perfecting your inverted rows!

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10 Best Dip Bars in 2024

Dip Bars Buying Guide

A dip bar is an essential piece of equipment enabling you to do strength exercises, to build power and muscles in the upper body

With various dip bars available from portable dip bars to wall-mounted dip bars that enable chin-ups, pull-ups, and a wide range of other exercises, it can get confusing to know which style of dip bar is right for you.

Below is a summary of a few factors to consider before making your dip station purchase.

Dip Bars

A dip bar is multifaceted exercise equipment that not only allows you to perform dips but also allows you to get a full-body workout. 

A dip bar is sometimes interchangeably referred to as a dip station or dip stand or parallette bar.

Benefits of Dip Bars

If performed correctly dips have a lot of benefits. Having a dip bar at home allows you to do dips to build strength in your upper body muscle groups, along with the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and levator scapulae.

Dips bars enable you to do compound exercises, which engage multiple muscles at the same time, getting you faster results. 

For those of you wanting to develop an envious V-shape, doing dips is the best equipment to help you achieve that physique.

They are quite compactly designed and cost-effective and can be used easily at home, in the garage, or elsewhere.

If you a fan of wall-mounted dip bars, they can allow you the flexibility to do all the standard exercises along with chin-ups and pull-ups without having to take up large space like a power tower.

Just make sure to protect your elbows with elbow pads.

Features of Best Dip Bars


There are 2 primary styles for dip bars. One style involves a dip station having 2 separate stands, giving you the choice to do wider dips.

The other style of dip bars is where the entire dip station is connected, providing a solid platform to use for dips. 


The best dip bars are made of heavy-duty material steel or iron. Steel or iron-made dip bars will be more durable and are sturdier to support a greater weight limit whilst remaining stable. 

If you opt for a dip bar with metal, then make sure they have a powder-coated finish. Bars that are powder coated prevent rust, which is a huge advantage especially if you intend to use the dip bar outdoors in humid climates.

Dip Bar Height

What is the height of the dip bar? Can the height be adjusted? This is one of the most important features to consider for users who are tall.

The last thing you want is your knees touching the floor when you are doing dips, or if you want to do different types of exercises such as pull-ups on the dip bar. 

The lion’s share of dip bars is designed for users who are 6’6’’ (198 cm) tall. Dip bars that are adjustable in height are great for tall users. 

You could also consider a dip bar that is mounted on the wall, which allows you to tailor the wall mount to the height that suits you. 

Dip Bar Weight Limit

How much weight can the dip bar support safely? The sturdier the dip station is, the more weight it can support. Dip bars frames are made of heavy-duty steel usually supporting a generous weight.

Think about your weight, or if multiple users will use the dip bars, what the average user’s weight will be, and build a contingency weight into your calculations to ensure there is no wobbling or rocking.

Width Between Bars

How comfortable you are during your exercises will be determined by the width between the bars.

If the width between the two bars is on the narrower side, it can impact your form and posture when doing a dip. 

To provide you with full flexibility, look for dip bars that allow the width between the bars to be adjusted.

Bar Stability

You want to ensure that the dip bars you buy are stable, and don’t tip over. On the one hand, you want your dip bars to be lightweight and easy to travel with. 

On the other hand, you should consider the dip bars need to be on the heavier side so that they are less susceptible to movement and remain stationary. 

Pay attention to what assembly is required to set the dip bar up. How easy/difficult is this? What screws/nuts/bolts connect and secure the bars together?

Does the dip bar come with rubber padding or a textured grip at the bottom, to provide anti-slippage or sliding? 

The best dip bars offer all of these things.

Grip Quality

To prevent slipping of the hands and to provide a secure grip, many dip bars have thick rubber or foam grips to provide adequate support.

Portability and Storage

If you are buying dip bars for your home or you want to use them at different locations, the size of the dip bars and how portable they’ll be is a key consideration.

There are many portable dip bars that allow space-saving storage. Many are foldable after use, enabling you to store them compactly in a closet, or under the bed.

If space is a consideration, you may even consider a dip bar that is mounted on the wall, which is easy to install and compact. 

You want a dip bar that is light enough to travel with should you wish, but heavy enough to provide stability and support the weight of users safely.

Extra Attachments

Consider whether you want a dip bar or station that allows you to add extract attachments, such as weighted belts, elbow pads, or resistance bands, allowing you to do versatile exercises.


At the budget-friendly end of the spectrum, a dip bar can start from $40 and go to $100 and upwards at the more premium end. 

Balance what your needs are, the features you are looking for, and the highest quality dip bars you can get within your budget.

Dip Bars FAQ

What kind of exercises can I do with a dip bar?

There are so many exercises you can do on a dip bar. Whether you have a model like the Xmark Fitness Dip Station or the ProSource Dip Stand Station, or any other model, it helps to have training exercises for your dip bars.

Below is a video to get you started and start your dip bar progression.

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