Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener Dip Bar

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With over 100 workouts available for beginners to advanced athletes, it's no surprise that the sturdy and stable Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener Dip Bar has made it into our round-up of best dip bars.

With the Total Body Strengthener Dip Bar, the dip bar works as a multifaceted dip bar, pull up bar, dipping station, push up bar for arm exercises, L-sits, knee and leg raises, and more, proving variety truly is the spice of any training session.

Designed for the perfect fit, it is available in 2 sizes and is tested rigorously to ensure the right fit safely. 

The height of the regular is 28-inches high and the taller XL size has a height of 31-inches, for you taller users.

If you’re looking for portable dip bars that enable portability and support a whopping bodyweight of up to 400 whopping pounds, then the Total Body Strengthener Dip Bar is for you. 

You'll receive access to an online fitness group featuring free workout programs, extensive support, and coaching tools designed to get you started and stay motivated. 

In addition to the 2 portable dip bars with heavy foam handles, you get a resistance band and an exercise guide, great for your home gym or group boot camp. 

Get stronger, leaner, and healthier with the Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener Dip Bar!

Key Features
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Portable dip bars
  • Foam cushioned grips
  • Supports over 400 pounds
  • Wide base to height ratio for ultimate stability
  • Ergonomic design for optimal wrist comfort
  • Non-slip lock nuts
  • Private online coaching & support group
  • Instructional exercise video
  • Hip resistance band

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