WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

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LAST UPDATED: 26 May 2021

If you're looking for a weighted jump rope that's light and durable and great for traveling, the WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope is the perfect choice for you. 

Each handle holds 1/2 pound of weight that can easily be removed, allowing you to select between a muscle-thumping strength workout or purely cardio.

Two different cables are included. One thin speed cable and one thick training cable. Use the thin cable for speed work or choose the thicker cable for training. 

Ergonomically designed non-slip grip handles, weight stabilizing springs allow for perfectly balanced weight and blazing fast steel bearings provide durability and wear resistance. 

It's the go-to equipment for men and women who do HIIT, Muay Thai, MMA, or boxing.

No matter what your sport of choice is, the combination of weight and jumping will rock your body into shape!

Key Features
  • 2 different cables included: 1 thin speed cable & 1 thick training cable
  • 1 pound weighted handles
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip grip handles
  • Weight stabilizing springs
  • Handle cap
  • Removable weight
  • Heavy-duty wire
  • Fast steel bearings
  • Adjustable length
  • 4mm weighted cable
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