Wastou Weighted Jump Rope

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Finally, a weighted jump rope designed for your personal fitness journey to automatically count your jumps and the counter display calories consumed when you get the Wastou Weighted Jump Rope

The tiny counter display shows timer, weight, calories, and circles is useful to monitor your exercising progress. It also comes embedded with a sound effect when you reach the exercise goal you set. 

It's built with a metal block inside the handles, useful for those who want faster calorie burning. Uniquely ergonomic and anti-slip designed handles offer perfect comfort and handgrip.

The Wastou Jump Rope allows the length to be adjusted. It comes with a spare rope to customize for a taller person. You also have the option to use the cordless jump rope with two cordless balls, allowing you to work out even in the smallest of spaces.

It comes with an extra battery and a screwdriver to open the back when the Jump Rope is ready for recharging. 

Start counting your jumps with the Wastou Weighted Jump Rope!

Key Features
  • Cordless option or with a cable rope
  • Jump rope with counter
  • Adjustable length
  • Material: Alloy steel, PVC
  • Ergonomic anti-slip design handles
  • Comes with an extra battery & screwdriver
  • Steel wire rope is coated with PVC
  • 360 degrees flexible rotation
  • Weighted handles with metal blocks encased in an ergonomically designed ABS handle

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