Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope
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Jumping rope and burning major calories has never been more achievable than with the Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

A plastic jump rope with weighted handles provides added grip. 1.5 pounds maximum removable weights allow you to challenge your cardio and upper body training. 

Features precision ball bearing rotation for increased speed, perfect for cardio performance, building endurance, improving coordination, and strengthening hands and wrists.

Ideal for improving your fitness level and helping you to lose weight and get lean while having fun. 

The adjustable length, up to 9 ft long, offers the height to be adjusted whether you are tall or on the shorter side. 

Once you start jumping rope with the Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope, the results will be everlasting!

Key Features
  • Weighted padded Evergrip handles
  • Plastic speed jump rope
  • 1.5 pounds maximum removable weight
  • Precision ball bearing rotation
  • Adjustable length, up to 9 ft / 2.7 meters

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