YZLSPORTS 5LB Heavy Weighted Jump Rope

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Get this thickened rope, traditionally used as a battle rope, and is carefully redesigned into an awe-inspiring jump rope weighted to train every part of your body with the YZLSPORTS 5LB Heavy Weighted Jump Rope

A sturdy and heavy rope, this jump rope weighted is ideal to improve your fitness, shape, and lose weight, enhance your agility and reaction speed and increase muscle endurance and explosive power. 

Available in 4 different lengths and 3 thicknesses, makes it suitable for users of different heights and varying fitness levels. 

It's a multifunctional piece of equipment that can be used as a weighted jump rope, a physical training rope, fighting power rope, climbing rope, fitness reins, and more. 

Made of extremely thick 1200 denier polyester with soft rubber handles, the rope weights allow you to burn calories and get a great workout. 

The handle adopts heat shrink technology, to provide a non-slip and comfortable handle and the fully automated mechanical weaving makes the jump rope wear-resistant and durable. 

Hop, skip, and jump your way to being fighting fit with extra weight with the YZLSPORTS 5LB Heavy Weighted Jump Rope!

Key Features
  • 1 workout battle rope: 9.5 feet / 2.9 meters in length
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Rope diameter: 1.5 inches - 2 inches
  • Rope material: 1200 polymer synthetic fiber
  • Handle material: rubber
  • Braided rope: three-strand braid
  • Heat shrinkable tube plastic
  • Water-resistant sleeve

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