Voxlova Weighted Jump Rope

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Shape your stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body and burn fat with the Voxlova Weighted Jump Rope

Sporting a heavy weighted jump rope features an extra thick weighted cable, ensuring maximum service life and avoiding cracking or breaking. 

The 360 degrees ball bearings in the handles avoid twisting or winding like other fitness ropes and ensure stable and relaxed rotation. 

The 6.25-inch aluminum handles measure 28mm in diameter and the handle is coated with a special anodized coating. Each durable handle is covered with silicone grips for extra comfort and a strong grip.

Ideal for CrossFit, MMA, boxing, cardio, and strength training, let the Voxlova Weighted Jump Rope elevate your fitness!

Key Features
  • Adjustable 1 pound weighted rope
  • Solid weighted cable
  • Carrying bag
  • High-density solid PVC Cable. diameter: 9mm
  • 6-inch T-Grade Aluminum handles
  • Non-slip silicone
  • 360 degrees precision steel ball-bearing system
  • Cable length: 9 ft (3m)
  • Adjustable height

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