Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

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A fitness tool built specifically for today's modern athlete, improve your quality of life with the Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

Using a weighted 1 pound jump rope, you can burn nearly twice the number of calories as other training tools. It makes for a smart and fun workout. 

The jump rope handle is equipped with 360 degrees precision steel ball bearings, which can rotate smoothly during use. The aluminum handle with silicone anti-slip sleeve design is durable.

The jump rope comes with an exquisite flannel bag, making it convenient for you to carry in and out of the gym and outdoors.

It offers an excellent cardio workout and also builds shoulder strength that will help you with push-ups and is great for your legs. 

Put your life in motion with the Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope!

Key Features
  • 1 pound weighted jump rope
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Aluminum alloy handle
  • Grip material: Synthetic rubber
  • Rope length: 10ft / 3 meters
  • 360 degrees precision steel ball-bearing system
  • Rope adjustment buckle
  • Handle silicone particle anti-slip design
  • 9mm PVC rope
  • Flannel carrying bag
  • Adjustable weight

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