Feet Up Yoga Headstand Stool

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Designed in Germany and manufactured sustainably under the highest standards in Europe, the Feet Up Yoga Headstand Stool is an impressive addition to our top list of yoga chairs. 

100% certified wood is used and crafted responsibly with eco-friendly packaging. Soft vegan leather is used to provide padded cushioning on the neck support.

Outstanding for its unique design and shape, devised exclusively to enable safe inversions without risks or pressure on your neck or spine. 

Includes a FeetUp Asanas poster, showing over 100 yoga, fitness, and relaxation exercises for your daily practice along with a first inversion guide. 

Available in 4 color combinations, you get to practice inversions with your mind at peace that your yoga chair is ethical!

An excellent yoga inversion chair!

Key Features
  • Made in Europe
  • 100% certified wood
  • Soft vegan leather
  • Comes with a poster outlining 100 yoga, fitness & relaxation exercises
  • First inversion guide
  • Available in 4 colors

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