Friends of Meditation Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Chair

This Product was reviewed by Staying Alive Crew

LAST UPDATED: 30 May 2021

It's no surprise that this extra-large relaxing meditation and yoga chair complete with back support and a meditation block has made it into our top list of yoga chairs with the Friends of Meditation Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Chair.

Ideal for helping people with back problems or who have limited flexibility, helping them to maintain an upright posture when sitting cross-legged. 

It comes with a detachable curved back support for keeping the spine in perfect alignment, and a detachable 3-inch Zafu for raising hips to avoid the numbness of legs making this the perfect chair to sit in comfort and practice all those key asana moves.

The durable soft-brushed cotton cover is zippered and removable for easy cleaning and it comes with a complimentary water-resistant bag making it easy to store or transport.

Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a solid 7-year warranty allows you to get accustomed to prolonged sitting with your Friends of Meditation Relaxation Meditation and Yoga Chair!

Key Features
  • Extra-large meditation & yoga chair
  • Detachable curved back support
  • Water-resistant bag
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Registered design in India
  • Thick padding
  • Soft brushed cotton cover is zippered
  • Cover is removable for cleaning
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