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The Balance

Your Personal Prescription for *Super Metabolism *Renewed Vitality *Maximum Health *Instant Rejuvenation

Profile picture of oz-garcia Oz Garcia (Author)
Jan 05, 2000 | 256 Pages
The Balance

With a 45-question quiz, Garcia will help you determine whether you are a metabolically fast, slow, or mixed burner.

Garcia reveals that being a "fast burner" is not always as great as it sounds; those who are on the thinner, more nervous side often experience exhaustion, low mineral levels, bad moods, and difficulty focusing.

According to him, more than two-thirds of Americans have a slow metabolism, which unfortunately often leads to obesity and other health conditions such as hyperinsulinemia, heart disease, diabetes, and insomnia.

Garcia not only exposes what kind of burner you are, but also provides specific foods, supplements, types of exercise, and lifestyle suggestions to improve your metabolism and health--including tips for eating out.

According to Garcia, the wheat component is what sets this program apart from others. He believes that other dietary aspects should be avoided as well but always in a realistic and flexible way. There's no calorie counting or restriction here! If you're out for a night socializing, don't worry about it. You can just pick up where you left off when you get back home.

The Balance not only aims to bring about increased energy, relief from PMS, and improved resilience to stress, but Garcia says it has additional benefits like boosting concentration and mental functioning. This in turn leads to better relationships and more effective therapy sessions.

Many people swear by The Balance, claiming it is a remarkable and life-changing program.

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