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30 Ways to Reboot Your Body

A Complete User Manual for Getting the Most Out of the Human Body

Profile picture of ben-greenfield Ben Greenfield (Author)
Jan 03, 2016 | 69 Pages
30 Ways to Reboot Your Body

You have a stomach upset. Dizziness and headaches are common, as well as brain fog and inexplicable pains. Low energy and sexual interest. The fat on your body just won't budge.

Being the best you can be is difficult when you're held back by annoying concerns such as brain fog, body fat, an irritated gut, or a sore joint.

We all have the potential to live our lives at peak capacity, but few of us ever reach it. Instead, we settle for a fraction of what we're capable of, powerless to tap into our full potential or achieve our goals as quickly as possible.

if you could describe the feeling of achieving your ideal performance potential in one word, it would be "superhuman."

Just think about it: complete optimization of performance, fat loss, recovery, digestion, brain function, sleep quality, and hormone balance. That's what you'll have if you follow every step in this book.

In this book, you will find tips and tricks like:

  • The single most effective exercise move to use for the rest of your life.
  • Three delicious meals that give your body every nutrient it needs.
  • Four tests to take if you want to know all there is about your health.
  • A little-known sleep hack that lets you fall back asleep in minutes.

To put it another way, "30 Ways to Reboot Your Body" isn't simply about restarting your body.

It's all about rebooting your body, then elevating your physical and mental performance to a whole new level, before finishing things off with every scientifically validated advice, trick, and biohack currently known to humanity.

This is your comprehensive user guide for maximizing the potential of the human form.
Your body is capable of feeling good and performing amazing feats if you operate it with the proper user manual. It’s time to learn how.

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