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Eat for Energy

How to Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Your Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day Energy

May 10, 2022 | 360 Pages
Eat for Energy

A comprehensive study of the cellular origins of chronic fatigue, burnout, and brain fog, with a guide for restoring cognitive function, alertness, and energy.

The true reasons for our fatigue don't come from our initial thoughts on caffeine or adrenal stress. Also, Reigniting our energy doesn't mean we have to adjust every part of life in lengthy and impractical ways.

Instead, the basic underlying reason is our cells' mitochondrial shortage, which may be addressed by simple, straightforward nutritional treatments that address our body's biology.

In this program, functional health practitioner Ari Whitten takes you on a journey of discovery through our cellular energy centers. You'll learn about the nutritional methodologies and specific foods, supplements, and compounds you can use to reduce stress and tension.

Lowering your blood pressure, reducing weight gain, boosting memory, focus, and attention levels, cognitive performance, and overall well-being.

Get your body out of defense mode and into a state of optimal performance to live at the peak of your energy, brain function, mood, and health.

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