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LAST UPDATED: 24 Mar 2022

Best Mattress

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

Most people will probably consider buying a new perfect mattress around once a decade. 

Having decided that you are in the market to buy a mattress, you may quickly find yourself facing a conundrum. How do you choose the right mattress from all the choices available?

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important and with so many mattress options out there, it can be overwhelming knowing what to look for in terms of material, size, price, and quality. 

Do you opt for a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress or an innerspring mattress and which mattress will complement the bed frame you have?

After scouring countless mattresses, it can get difficult to identify the differences between them, as they all begin to look the same, don’t they? Or so it seems. 

Fortunately for you, we trawled through every nook and crack of the top online mattresses to bring you the best mattresses available. 

Allowing you to get just the right amount of support, for the type of sleeper you are from the best mattresses out there. 

Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to go forth and conquer the best mattress for you, whether for your master bedroom or your guest room.

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The Best Mattresses

  • The Purple Hybrid Mattress will make bedtime a delightful affair for you. Its unique design comprises the 2-inch Purple Grid™ engineered to adapt to your body and sleep position. 

    The Hybrid Mattress delivers cushioning of high-quality memory foam, and yet limits motion isolation through its pocketed coils that move independently of each other, limiting the spread of motion between coils.  

    The mattress has countless open-air channels, keeping your temperature neutralized all night long, allowing you to sleep soundly.

    Key Features
    • Premium StretchMax mattress top cover
    • Unique Purple Grid™ top layer delivers cushioning of memory foam
    • Motion isolating technology via transition foam layer
    • Responsive base coils for support & durability
    • Firmness: medium-firm feel
    • Open-air channels & temperature-neutral materials
    • Compatible with most bed frame or bed in a box foundations
    • CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam
    • Brand: Purple
    • Model: Purple Hybrid
    • Thickness: 11 inches
    • Weight: Twin XL: 77 pounds
      Full: 106 pounds
      Queen: 122 pounds
      King: 149 pounds
      California King: 149 pounds
    • A 100-night home trial, with a minimum 21-night trial & free returns
    • Free white glove delivery US-wide (excluding Alaska & Hawaii), including removal of old mattress if desired
    • 10-year limited warranty
    • Good choice for people who sleep hot, suffer from pressure points & individuals weighing under 230 pounds
    • A great choice for couples, back or side sleepers
    • Excellent choice for fans of hybrid mattresses
    • Twin size bed not available. 5 sizes available
    • Heavy
    • Little edge support
    • Not a top pick for a stomach sleeper
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  • With the Layla Hybrid Mattress, it’s no surprise that you won’t want to get out of bed every morning and just want to snuggle in. Layla Hybrid is one of the best mattresses, offering 2 choices of firmness rolled up in one. 

    If you like a soft mattress that's plush you have the option of the softer side or if that’s not your choice of poison and you fancy a firmer mattress with extra support, flip the mattress over to the firm mattress side. 

    With a mix of copper-infused memory foam, the mattress provides a wide range of support properties for sleepers of all positions. 

    The internal pocketed coil system, combined with the memory foam gives just the right amount of support under your body weight, ensuring that you're not being rocked during your sleep by your partner's movements. 

    Additionally, the copper-infused foam emits body heat away from you, making certain you’re sleeping at a cool and serene body temperature. 

    Key Features
    • Individually wrapped coil systems
    • Edge support
    • Cooling breathable cover
    • Handles to flip the hybrid mattress
    • 2 firmness options, soft mattress or mattress firm
    • 13-inch thickness
    • Made in the USA
    • 2 free Layla memory foam pillows
    • Brand: Layla
    • Model: Hybrid Mattress
    • Size: Twin
      Twin XL
      California King
    • Free shipping to your door for 48 states in the US
    • A 120-night home trial, with a 100% money-back guarantee
    • Free returns
    • 10-year warranty
    • A great choice for couples seeking motion isolation
    • For sleepers seeking an excellent quality hybrid mattress
    • Suitable for sleepers with back pain
    • Can’t comfortably sit up in bed due to the lack of proper support, sinks in
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  • The Saatva Classic Mattress is undeniably one of the most versatile and best mattresses for combination sleepers, offering cooling features via its organic cotton, promoting natural airflow whilst you sleep. 

    Boasting a luxury pillow top, which delivers greater cushioning than your average standard pillow top to the back, hips, and shoulders, the Saatva mattress gives more pressure relief where it's needed the most. 

    The dual perimeter better edge support system prevents sagging, ensuring longer-term durability, assuring you get additional savings for your buck. 

    Being a leading contender for many US chiropractors, the Saatva mattress has active wire Lumbar Zone technology, giving enhanced support in the middle of the mattress for optimal spinal alignment and relief for sleepers experiencing back pain.

    Choose from 3 different mattress firmness options: plush soft, luxury firm, or firm. 

    The luxury firm is designed to replicate the comfort of a luxurious hotel bed, a must-have for anyone seeking the indulgence of a hotel bed every night at home. 

    We dare you to get into bed with this firm mattress.

    Key Features
    • Pillow top foam certified by CertiPUR-US containing natural materials
    • 3 firmness options: plush soft, luxury firm, firm
    • Optimal spinal support with Lumbar Zone support
    • Breathable organic cotton
    • 14.5-gauge comfort coils, contour body & minimize motion transfer
    • Brand: Saatva
    • Model: Classic Mattress
    • Thickness: 11.5 inches or 14.5 inches
    • Weight: Twin: 140 pounds
      Twin XL: 147 pounds
      Full: 175 pounds
      Queen size: 184 pounds
      King (split): 147 pounds (2 pieces)
      California King (split): 140 pounds (2 pieces)
    • A 180-night home trial, if unsatisfied will refund the mattress (excluding $99 transportation cost)
    • Free shipping & white glove delivery
    • Election to remove old mattress available
    • 15-year warranty
    • Engineered for back pain & health
    • Great for combination sleepers seeking value & a sophisticated mattress type
    • Those seeking pressure relief may need more contouring
    • Not suitable if you prefer the sink-in feel of memory foam mattresses
    • Heavy mattress
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  • The Leesa Original Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a quality mattress and yet budget-conscious. 

    Handcrafted and made-to-order in the US, the Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress made with premium foams ensuring pressure relief, you stay cool as a cucumber and your body is nicely contoured as you drift off into slumber.   

    For those of you seeking a mattress offering an overall firmer foam experience, feel and responsiveness, look no further than the Leesa Original. 

    The mattress features a bouncy foam LSA200, making it a perfect mattress for sex couples with superior motion isolation. 

    Rest assured you won’t be waking up in the middle of the night if your partner is moving around.

    Key Features
    • 3 layers: cooling foam top layer
    • Memory foam & core support foam base
    • Removable cover & washable
    • CertiPUR-US certified, made with natural materials
    • Medium firmness
    • Bouncy foam LSA200 & responsive
    • Brand: Leesa
    • Model: Original Matrtess
    • Thickness: 10 inches
    • Weight: Twin: 45 pounds
      Twin XL: 48 pounds
      Full: 56 pounds
      Queen size: 71 pounds
      King: 90 pounds
      California King: 92 pounds
    • A 100-night home trial, if unsatisfied full refund after the minimum 30-day trial
    • Free shipping & front door delivery US-wide
    • Optional white glove delivery (inclusive of old mattress removal if desired) available for $150 in select locations
    • 15-year limited warranty
    • A great choice for all sleeping positions
    • For every 10 beds sold, Leesa donate a bed to a child-in-need
    • Ship internationally to Canada, UK & Germany & planning to expand to other countries
    • Lightweight & reasonable price for those wanting to sleep cool
    • One of the best mattresses for sex
    • International purchase: 100-night home trial & 10-year limited warranty voided once the product leaves the US
    • Mattresses are made-to-order: firmness may vary between identical mattresses
    • After longer usage, heavier sleepers may experience some sagging
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  • The Aviya Mattress is a hybrid mattress of 3 different sag-free density foams, high-quality quilting, and an innerspring mattress with a core system individually wrapped.

    Providing the mattress with comfort, proper support via its springs, and giving that feeling of being ‘on the bed’. 

    The mattress comes in 3 different firmness options, allowing you to select softness/support or a more medium firm feel, tailored to your needs. 

    Where Aviya really shines is its ability to ‘breathe’, allowing airflow through the center of the mattress keeping it nice and cool, unlike other memory foam mattresses. 

    For those of you not sleeping solo, rest assured that whilst there is motion transfer on the Aviya, the motion transfer is highly minimized due to the pocketed coils. 

    Allowing you to sleep undisturbed regardless of the movements of your partner.

    Key Features
    • Airflow for cooler sleep
    • Stronger edges for full mattress usage
    • 3 firmness options: plush/soft, luxury firm, and firm
    • Foam & innerspring combination
    • Premium quilted top layer - the luxury firm that decadent ‘hotel feel’
    • Foams Certi-PUR-US certified, made without potentially harmful materials
    • High-density foam
    • Brand: Aviya
    • Model: Hybrid Mattress
    • Thickness: 13 inches
    • Weight: Twin: 80 pounds
      Twin XL: 80 pounds
      Full: 90 pounds
      Queen size: 120 pounds
      King: 140 pounds
      California King: 140 pounds
    • A-100 night home trial, minimum 2 weeks trial
    • Free front door delivery US-wide
    • Optional white glove delivery (inclusive of old mattress removal if desired) available for $99
    • 10-year warranty, mattress built for sag-less sleep
    • A great choice for side, combination sleepers & those wanting to use the full bed
    • One of the best hybrid mattresses with a blend of foam, combined with springs providing reinforced lumbar support
    • Heavy mattress
    • Some sink into plush/soft firmness & find it difficult to move
    • Luxury firm mattress: some experience it getting softer overtime
    • Not for you, if you want a memory foam feel, offering slow response and & sinkage
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  • The Nectar Lush Mattress is one of the best all-around mattresses on the market. 

    It provides strong support and is a cool mattress thanks to its patented materials that offer dual-functioning cooling properties, allowing you to sleep peacefully at a regulated body temperature. 

    The Nectar Lush features higher density foam than other mattresses made from foam. Offering relief from pressure points and transporting you to cloud nine.  

    Due to the high-density foam, the mattress has slightly better edge support than many foam mattresses. 

    Sure if you were to sit at the edge of the bed, you may notice a slight lack of perimeter reinforcement, but the transition foam layer and the sturdy support core help you feel supported at the edges of the bed.

    Key Features
    • All-foam bed in a box mattress with classic memory foam feel
    • AquaCool™ gel-infused memory foam for the comfort layer
    • Energex™ adaptive response foam for the transition layer
    • Polyfoam support core
    • Cooling-action Poly-Blend mattress cover
    • Compatible with most bed frames/foundations
    • CertiPUR-US certified, made without potentially harmful materials, & third-party tested
    • Brand: Nectar
    • Model: Lush Mattress
    • Thickness: 12 inches
    • Weight: Twin: 45 pounds
      Twin XL: 48 pounds
      Full: 68 pounds
      Queen: 74 pounds
      King: 89 pounds
      California King: 89 pounds
    • A 365-night home trial, with a minimum 30-day trial & free returns
    • Returns donated to local charities
    • Free front door delivery US-wide
    • Optional white glove delivery (inclusive of old mattress removal if desired) available for $149
    • Lifetime warranty
    • A good pick if you want a cool bed with great motion isolation
    • A great choice for couples & side sleepers
    • The mattress has slow pressure & lacks bounce, not a top pick for strict stomach sleepers
    • Doesn’t allow fluid movement as an organic latex or the best hybrid mattress
    • Expensive than other mattresses made of memory foam
    • Available in 1 firmness option only
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  • Complementing any modern bedroom, the WinkBed oozes versatility due to its seamless compatibility with different bed frame styles.

    Whether you have a box spring, bed in a box, or foundations, making it an easy choice to pick, compared to other mattress models.

    This hybrid model uniquely blends foam mattress and an innerspring mattress features into one impressive hybrid mattress. 

    Offering a range of firmness options, it gives sleepers a supportive mattress for a customized experience, to get a good night’s sleep.

    Buyers can select from one of 4 firmness options: softer, luxury firm, firmer, and plus. High-quality pressure relief makes this an all-around mattress choice for sleepers.  

    The cover is constructed from Tencel, a natural fabric designed to keep you cool all night long. 

    All the firmness options have a mattress density of 13.5 inches thick, making The WinkBed a thicker than average mattress, requiring extra deep sheets.

    Rest assured the WinkBed comes with a 120-night risk-free trial and is backed by a lifetime warranty. So you can sample The WinkBed, footloose, and worry-free. 

    Key Features
    • Unique hybrid design merging foam & innerspring
    • Euro-pillow top infused with gel foam
    • 100% natural Eucalyptus-derived Tencel cover
    • Extra-edge anti-sag support
    • SleepCalm motion isolation technology
    • 3-stepback-relief system
    • Handmade in the USA
    • 4 different firmness levels
    • 100% eco-green
    • Cover OEKO-TEX Standard 100
    • Brand: WinkBeds
    • Model: The WinkBed
    • Size: Twin: 38 x 75 inches
      Twin XL: 38 X 80 inches
      Full: 54 x 75 inches
      Queen: 60 x 80 inches
      King: 76 x 80 inches
      California King: 72 x 84 inches
    • Thickness: 13.5 inches
    • A 120-night risk-free home trial
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Free US shipping & returns
    • Ideal for sleepers who want to cushion comfort of gel foams with dynamic support of innerspring
    • Good for hot sleepers seeking breathability of gel foam
    • Suitable for sleepers with back pain & couples who want to reduce motion transfer
    • Compatible with different bed frame styles, including adjustable bases
    • Some sleepers seeking medium-firm may find the firmness options either too soft or too firm
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  • If you're after the creme da la creme green mattress, the Birch Natural Mattress is an awesome pick for those of you lying awake at night thinking about all things harmful to the environment. 

    Featuring 100% organic materials and quality handmade construction in the US, this mattress offers pure eco-luxury. 

    For those of you who sleep warm, Birch Natural has an organic cotton cover allowing airflow and promoting breathability and welcomed temperature regulation. 

    The green mattress comprises organic wool fibers with rayon, as the fire retardant layer, providing protection free of plastics. 

    Constructed from 100% natural and organic wool provides comfort and is designed to retain shape with a natural elasticity of each fiber. 

    Natural Talalay latex offers ergonomic pressure relief to those uncomfortable pressure points, and yet minimizes motion transfer making it a delight for couples. 

    For those of you who like to maximize full usage of a mattress, you'll be thrilled that the Birch Natural Mattress has reinforced perimeter coils providing edge support.  

    The base has a second fire-retardant layer made of wool fibers and natural rayon, keeping you safe and making the mattress durable. 

    If that wasn't enough to impress, the Birch Natural Mattress has a medium feel of firmness. Upon receiving your new mattress, you need to give it a good 45 minutes to fully expand, after that enjoy your green mattress! 

    The Birch Natural comes with a 100-night trial so that you can try it first hand. It's also backed by a generous 25-year warranty, which should give any buyer comfort whether you purchase it online or in-store. 

    Birch does offer free shipping in the US, however, the one drawback is it does not ship internationally or ship to a PO Box/FPO address, so for now international shoppers will have to do without Birch Naturals.

    Key Features
    • Quality handmade construction in the US
    • Cover organic cotton, highly breathable & GOTS Certified
    • FR cover - wool
    • Comfort layer - 100% natural & organic Birch Wool
    • Natural latex layer for pressure relief
    • Talalay latex with OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT & Rainforest Alliance Certifications
    • Individually wrapped steel coils for support layer
    • FR wool for the base layer
    • Firmness: medium feel
    • Hypoallergenic & anti-microbial
    • Brand: Birch Living
    • Model: Birch Natural Mattress
    • Size: Twin: 39 x 75 inches
      Twin XL: 39 x 80 inches
      Full: 54 x 75 inches
      Queen: 60 x 80 inches
      King: 76 x 80 inches
      California King: 72 x 84 inches
    • Density: 11 inches
    • 100-night sleep trial
    • 25-year warranty
    • Free shipping in the contiguous US
    • For sleepers who suffer from allergies or are eco-conscious
    • Ideal for hot sleepers
    • Great for sleepers liking greater edge support
    • Compatible with any type of bed frame
    • Good pick for a back, combo or stomach sleeper
    • Expensive
    • Don't ship to a PO Box/FPO address
    • Side sleepers may find it too firm
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  • This 12-inch all-foam Amerisleep AS3 mattress comes complete with a Celliant blend cover, a 3-inch top layer memory foam for a supportive mattress. 

    Boasting a transitional 2-inch layer of polyfoam with 5 zones, complete with a high-density polyfoam support core. It provides the perfect balance of medium-firm. 

    Whilst the Amerisleep AS3 is priced slightly higher than the average memory foam mattress on the market, the higher price is a result of the superior quality foams and eco-friendly materials used. 

    Being a good samaritan may cost you a bit, but it’s worth it to get a green mattress.

    Key Features
    • Responsive Plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam
    • HIVE® technology provides zoned comfort
    • Eco-friendly materials
    • CertiPUR-US certified, made without potentially harmful materials
    • Firmness: medium-firm
    • Celliant blend cover
    • Great motion isolation & noise reduction
    • Brand: Amerisleep
    • Model: AS3
    • Thickness: 12 inches
    • Weight: Twin: 58 pounds
      Twin XL: 63 pounds
      Full: 80 pounds
      Queen: 96 pounds
      King: 120 pounds
      California King: 120 pounds
      Split King: 126 pounds
    • A 100-night home trial & free returns
    • Free front door delivery US-wide (fees apply in Alaska & Hawaii)
    • Shipping to select international locations
    • 20-year warranty
    • Great for motion isolation seekers, side & combination sleepers
    • Provides excellent relief from pressure & deeper contouring
    • The mattress cover is washable
    • White glove delivery & old mattress removal not offered
    • More contouring & a thicker memory foam layer may retain too much heat for some
    • Limited bounce, not a top choice for couples
    • Little edge support due to a thick layer of memory foam
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Mattresses Buying Guide


The best mattress for you will largely depend on your personal preferences and sleeping habits. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress.

First, think about the firmness of the mattress. If you prefer a softer mattress, look for one with a lower coil count. If you prefer a firmer mattress, look for one with a higher coil count. Or you may favor a more medium-firm mattress.

Second, think about the size of the mattress. If you share a bed with a partner, you'll want to get a queen or king-sized mattress. If you sleep alone, a twin or full-sized mattress will be big enough.

Third, think about the features you want. If you want a mattress with storage capabilities, you'll need to get a box spring or a platform bed. If you want a mattress that's hypoallergenic, you'll need one made of natural materials.

Do your homework to buy the best mattress for you. It’s an investment in your sleep health for the next decade.

Health Benefits of a Good Mattress

There are many reasons why sleep is important to humans. It's during this period of time when your cells recharge and your brain rests from the rigors of the day. Basically, everything in your body gets some much-needed downtime.

People who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to be overweight or obese. The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping. This means that they spend seven to nine hours every day, 365 days per year in bed. 

Clearly, if a person is not sleeping well they are spending a significant portion of their life doing something that is making them tired, irritable, and unhealthy.

Sleep deprivation has been linked with a number of health concerns, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 

In addition, those who don't get enough sleep are at an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes, and their mental performance suffers as well.

Take a close look at your mattress and bedding. How old is it? Is the foundation of your sleep environment providing you with all of the support and comfort you need?

The first step to improving sleep quality is choosing the best mattress for you. A good mattress compliments your sleeping habits and is paired with a high-quality bed frame, which can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed or exhausted. 

The second step is by creating a comfortable sleeping environment with proper bedding to ensure you maximize the full health benefits and get a good night’s rest. 

Good sleep is priceless!

Features of a Best Mattress

Sleeping Position

Which sleeping position best describes you will heavily influence which mattress type is best suited to your needs and will enhance your sleep experience. 

Are you a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper?

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers seek a mattress that provides support for the spine and helps to preserve the natural curve of the back whilst sleeping. 

Look for a mattress that is highly responsive and maintains the natural S-curve of the back and maintains the head and neck alignment.

Side Sleepers

Require a mattress that provides more support in the neck, shoulder, and hip area and promotes spinal alignment, to avoid issues with neck and back pain

Look for a mattress with a responsive comfort layer.

Stomach Sleepers

Support is crucial for stomach sleepers to keep their spine aligned. The correct support can minimize the pressure in the lower back region and ensure the hips are on an even surface and don’t sink too deeply into the mattress. 

Contouring relieves pressure points in areas such as the hips for stomach sleepers. Memory foam and latex mattresses are best for contouring.

Combination Sleepers

Mattresses that have a high level of responsiveness are ideal for combination sleepers. 

Look for a  responsive mattress that adjusts in proportion to weight and pressure and will mold to the body in various different positions.


Different materials have different heat retention properties. On the hotter end of the temperature gauge, you have the traditional foam mattresses. If you prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature then you need to opt for gel, latex, or innerspring or hybrid mattresses, which offer greater air circulation and an overall much cooler sleeping experience.


Large or heavy-set people tend to experience more sinkage due to the pressure caused by weight, resulting in them needing a thicker and firmer mattress. 

A 12-inch or thicker mattress with advanced foam might be a good bet to offer a combination of comfort and support. Better to avoid cheaper options and pay for quality and sufficient foundation here. 

A high-caliber foam mattress or innerspring/foam hybrid mattress would be a top pick for you. Lighter sleepers should seek softer mattresses.


So what mattress type should you consider in terms of mattress material and complimenting your bed frame? Look no further, we’ve broken the criteria down for you:


Two options: Either pure polyfoam which compresses under pressure or a combination of high-density polyfoam, as the supportive base combined with a memory foam layer that molds a sleeper’s body.


Latex has become hugely popular in the past several years due to its comfort, cooling, and durable properties.

Two main types:

  • Natural - This comes in either Dunlop form, where the latex is dense, sturdy, and heavy latex or Talalay form producing latex that is softer and bouncier. It's expensive but eco-friendly.
  • Synthetic - Created by mixing natural tree sap with synthetic polymers is a cheaper option but less environmentally friendly.

Steel coils support a comfort layer of polyfoam. Innerspring mattresses provide cooling, edge support, and durability. 

You could consider a hybrid mattress, which combines coils with other types of materials, such as memory foam or latex.


A hybrid mattress is where two or more materials have been combined. An example would be a mattress with pocketed coils for support, and a few inches of latex or memory foam for comfort.


Airbeds are inflated to reach the desired level of firmness, to provide a robust substructure. 


Most mattresses are available in six standard sizes. So what size is right for you:

  • Twin: (Dimensions - 38 inches x 75 inches), this mattress is also called a single mattress. It’s the smallest mattress available. This is a good option for a child or a single adult.
  • Twin XL: (Dimensions - 38 inches x 80 inches), this mattress sleeps one child or adult, with the same width as a twin and five more inches in length. A good option for a single adult or a taller child. 
  • Full/Double: (Dimensions - 54 inches x 75 inches), this mattress provides more width, but the same length as the twin. An ideal choice for a single sleeper with a spacious bedroom.
  • Queen: (Dimensions - 60 inches x 80 inches), this is the most common mattress size, as it can accommodate two adults. Ideal for couples with a spacious bedroom.
  • King: (Dimensions - 76 inches x 80 inches), a king mattress offers space for two sleepers, as though they each have their own twin mattress. Ideal for two adults, with extra room for a pet or a child. 
  • California King: (Dimensions - 72 inches x 84 inches), is the king of all mattresses and ideal for taller sleepers, or two adults, with extra room for a pet or a child, or perfect just for a couple who desire extra space to spread out.


Ever notice how a mattress feels when you lie on it? Well, that's the test of how firm it is. Go for a firmer mattress if you want the mattress to not ‘give’ and offer resistance, or push-back when depressed. 

On the other hand, a softer and less firm mattress will provide more ‘give’ and allow the body to sink down slightly. 

Or do you prefer a more medium-firm feel, providing you with a balance of the two spectrums?

How firm or soft you go is a personal choice. There is no wrong or right answer here.


The density of a mattress can vary from 5 inches to 15 inches. A traditional mattress density is a minimum of 10 inches in height. 

For heavier people, a slightly thicker mattress may be a better choice. So opt for a high-density mattress over a traditional mattress.


What is the expected lifespan of the mattress based on the material, density, and standard wear and tear? A broad lifespan estimate is around 9 years.

Motion Isolation

How well does a mattress handle movement? This is a key consideration when sleeping with someone. 

If you’re sensitive to movement, go for a mattress that’s softer and has high-quality motion isolation.

Edge Support

When sleeping with a partner, whether you sleep more in the middle of the bed or towards the edge, having appropriate edge support is important. 

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses provide better edge support than mattresses made from memory foam.

Pressure Relief

There are some mattresses that mold themselves closely to the body of a sleeper, ensuring closer alignment to the spine and prohibiting pressure points from forming. 

The test of whether a mattress molds itself to a sleeper is correlated with the comfort layer or the plush top layer of a mattress. Mattresses that offer the best molding of your body are latex and/or memory foam.

Shipping & Delivery

Be aware of where the mattress can be shipped and how long the delivery will take, based on your location. 

Some firms offer free shipping within the US, others, however, charge a delivery fee. Be clear on what is included in the delivery fee. 

In the event, you are interested in home delivery with in-home assembly and the option to remove your old mattresses (known as white glove delivery), check if this is offered. 

Some mattress companies only deliver to the front door of your building, coming into your home, or delivering the mattress right into your bedroom and assembling it may not be included. The devil is in the details.

Trial & Returns

One of the challenges of buying a mattress online is, you’re buying without having tested the mattress. That’s why it's essential you pick a brand that offers a generous sleep trial. 

Countless online retailers out there offer ‘sleep trials’, allowing you to test the mattress for a defined period of time, and during this time should the mattress not live up to your satisfaction you are entitled to return the mattress and get a refund. 

The exact sleep-trial period varies from an average of 90 days to 365 days. It's customary that once you’ve bought a mattress, typically you can’t initiate the return or refund process, before a minimum break-in period of the mattress has passed. 

Also read the fine print, whether the return of the mattress is free and whether you are entitled to an exchange.


Mattresses come with a product warranty. Whilst this can vary from product to product, the average warranty period is in the range of 10-years, some products however may have a warranty for a much shorter period of time. 

It’s important that you are aware of the exact product or manufacturing defects that are covered in the warranty. 

No warranty covers standard wear and tear or any physical damage that occurred once the mattress was in the possession of a buyer. It's key to read the usage instructions of the mattress and ensure the mattress is used as it is intended to be used. 

Many mattresses may come with a limited warranty. This means that the original owner is covered by the warranty, only if the mattress was purchased from the manufacturer or by an approved brand retailer. 

Additionally, if you exchange a mattress, check if the exchange is covered by the sleep trial period and/or warranty.

Mattresses FAQ

How often should you replace your mattress?

The lifespan of a mattress varies based on the type of mattress it is, the material it is made of, and the wear and tear that occurs over the years. 

On average most mattresses need replacing around the 9 or 10-year mark. Some may need replacing earlier. There is no hard and fast rule. 

Other signs that it's time to buy a new mattress would be if you constantly wake up with aches and pains and/or if the mattress has significant sagging or prominent indentations.

What size bed should I get?

This depends on whether you are a single sleeper, or sleeping with a partner, the type of sleeper you are, and the size of your bedroom, the type of bed frame you have, and most importantly your budget. 

If you have a more spacious bedroom and can afford it, why not splurge on a bigger bed that you can completely stretch out in.

What is the best mattress thickness?

This is based very much on your sleeping needs and your weight. On average most people select a mattress density of 10 inches. For heavier sleepers, you could opt for a thicker mattress, in the range of 15 inches, to provide you with maximum support.  

How much do mattresses cost?

The advantage of buying a mattress online is they are much cheaper and you can get additional savings. Just for the simple reason retailers don’t have to incur in-store overhead costs on large retail showrooms. 

Pricing for mattresses can vary significantly based on the mattress type, size, materials, density, and other inherent features such as the type of top layer. 

Overall latex and airbed mattresses are more expensive than innerspring and foam mattresses. An average innerspring or foam mattress would cost in the range of $900 - $2, 000.

How often should you clean a mattress?

Whilst you don’t have to clean mattresses anywhere near as often as you clean your bedsheets, you should clean your mattress at least once every six months to prevent dust, dirt, dead skin, and stains.

How to clean a mattress?

After stripping your bedsheets, vacuum your mattress thoroughly with a soft brush attachment. 

For a deeper cleaning, which helps to remove odors and stains, you can sprinkle baking soda over your mattress, with the option to either let it sit overnight or for a few hours before vacuuming it.

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