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Become a SpeedDemon

Productivity & Automation Hacks to Have More Time

Feb 22, 2016 | 176 Pages
Become A Speed Demon

Through this book, you'll master the latest methods of productivity and automation to help save time on everyday tasks. This way, you can make more room in your life for what really matters: family, and friends, and taking a few moments just to unwind.

How much would you give to have an extra hour, two hours, or even three a day? Unfortunately for many of us, our days simply don't offer enough time for the tasks we must complete—let alone those that bring joy.

In this top-selling book from Jonathan Levi, the pioneering author behind Become a SuperLearner, you will discover how to reclaim precious time and use it for whatever your heart desires. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Jonathon Levi has carefully crafted an array of techniques, tactics, methods, and strategies that enable readers to reach beyond their normal capabilities - even allowing them to achieve superhuman work capacity!

Are you wondering how one can manage a million-dollar business, several companies, and an extensive travel schedule simultaneously? After all, that sure sounds like something only "speed demons" can do! Well, now the answer to this question is here. Learn how to Become a Speed Demon today – it's possible with the right strategies and tips!

This book begins by introducing the reader to the principles of efficiency, productivity, and acceleration. Understanding these philosophies allows readers to understand how best to speed up their day-to-day activities.

It then moves on to practical advice around optimizing computer work, cooking and fitness regimes, improving interactions with others as well as addressing a range of general time-wasting habits that often creep in unnoticed.

This book has everything you need to empower yourself with the knowledge and motivation for taking a holistic approach to productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

You'll be able to maximize your time in order to make space for all those things that really matter so that you can kick butt!

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