Best CBD Oils for Sleep
LAST UPDATED: 24 Mar 2022

Best CBD Oil for Sleep

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

Countless people suffer from pain, exercise-induced inflammation, blood pressure, and sleep ailments around the world. So it’s not really a surprise that an increasing number of people are taking CBD oil products (Cannabidiol) to aid their sleep problems. 

With so many CBD oils available in an unregulated market, and the CBD legal status in flux, how do you know which CBD products to choose from? 

Not all CBD oil products are made equal, and fewer still stand up to the scrutiny of high-quality CBD oil production, rigorous testing, strict sourcing guidelines, sharing their Certificate of Analysis and extraction process with consumers. 

We scoured through the complex maze of Cannabidiol extracts sold online to bring you the informative guide to buying the best CBD oils. 

So whether you’re seeking solace from neuropathic pain, or treat epilepsy, or seeking some calm from anxiety, or simply look to have a better night’s sleep, relief is here for you via nonprescription CBD products.

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The Best CBD Oils for Sleep

  • This Charlotte’s Web Stanley Brothers Original Formula CBD Oil is made in small batches with alcohol extraction, which yields a mix CBD oil with hemp compounds, and the final step sees all the alcohol removed. 

    As the batches of production are small, the color of 1 batch of hemp-derived CBD products to another batch can vary.  

    The hemp oil comes in 2 extract flavors, mint chocolate, and olive natural oil, making the consumption of this oil a pleasant experience, irrespective of whether you are taking it once a day or more.

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • Cannabis sativa whole plant extract
    • US farmed (Colorado) & produced hemp
    • Certified by US Hemp Authority
    • Alcohol extraction process
    • Hemp extract
    • Organic extra virgin olive oil
    • Approx. 50mg of CBD per 1 ml serving
    • 2 extract flavors: Mint chocolate & olive oil natural
    • Brand: Charlotte’s Web
    • Total CBD: Available in sizes: 30ml or 100ml per bottle
    • Weight: 1 fl oz / 30 ml, 3.38 fl oz / 100 ml bottle
    • CBD/serving per container: 30 ml - 60 servings per container
      100 ml - 200 servings per container
    • Serving Size: One dropper (0.5 ml) 2-3 times daily
    • Ships US-wide & free shipping for orders above USD 74
    • Third-party tested
    • 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if unsatisfied
    • Discount for veterans who served in the US military
    • Supports calmness, blood pressure & a healthy sleep cycle
    • Pleasant taste
    • Expensive
    • Don’t ship internationally
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  • Green Garden Gold Full Spectrum CBD Softgel Capsules

    These Green Garden Gold Full Spectrum CBD Softgel Capsules are ideal to take when you are on the go traveling. 

    With CBD oil in the format of soft gel capsules, administering the correct dosage has never been easier. 

    The soft gel capsules provide welcome relief to sleep troubles, feeling anxious, or pain relief, and are easy to swallow. 

    Full-spectrum hemp extract with MCT coconut oil, has quick absorption in the form of soft gel capsules, rich in omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids.

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • Colorado Grown Hemp
    • Certified Organic
    • Rich in Omega 3,6 & 9 essential fatty acids
    • Supercritical Fluid Extraction
    • Active ingredients: Hemp Extracted CBD, MCT Coconut Oil
    • Brand: Green Garden Gold
    • Total CBD: 2 sizes: 900mg (30 capsules) or 1800mg (60 capsules)
    • Weight: 2 oz
    • CBD/Capsule: 30 mg
    • Serving size: 1 capsule
    • Fast delivery & ship US-wide
    • Easy to administer dosage in capsule form
    • High quality
    • No bitter/earthy taste in capsule form
    • Travel friendly
    • Third-party tested
    • Wellness benefits
    • Don’t t ship internationally
    • Expensive
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  • Cornbread Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil

    This Cornbread Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil comes from organic hemp that is a powerful aid in providing relaxation and supporting a healthy sleep cycle. 

    The robust hemp flavor and rich amber color will either put you off for life, or you’ll shrug in indifference, after all, what’s a mildly bitter taste for 60 seconds compared to the relaxation and sleep aid you’ll get. 

    There are 3 sizes, each carrier oil comes with a different potency to suit your needs, ideal for soothing you to sleep slowly or in a jiffy. 

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • US farmed (Kentucky) & produced hemp
    • USDA certified organic hemp
    • Extracted with organic sugarcane ethanol
    • No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
    • Flower hemp oil
    • Organic Medium Chain Coconut Oil
    • Brand: Cornbread
    • Total CBD: Available in 3 sizes: 375mg, 750mg or 1500mg per bottle
    • Weight: 1fl oz / 30 ml bottle
    • CBD potency/serving: 375mg total - Half-size 25mg/ml (15 servings)
      750mg total - Original 25mg/ml (30 servings)
      1500mg total - Extra strength 50mg/ml (30 servings)
    • Serving size: Place 1 ml under tongue for 60 seconds, before swallowing
    • Ships US-wide & free shipping on orders above USD 99
    • Easy to use dropper applicator, with measurement markers
    • Range of sizes and varied concentrations available
    • Third-party tested
    • 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if unsatisfied
    • 30% discount for veterans & active duty military & first responders
    • Robust hemp taste can be bitter & off-putting
    • Don’t ship internationally
    • Only 1 concentration available CBD per size
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  • This Green Roads Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a full-spectrum CBD oil that is made with a wide variety of compounds in hemp plants, including up to 0.3% THC. 

    This mixed CBD oil comprises MCT oil, hemp seed oil among other supportive ingredients. 

    This Green Roads CBD oil comes in a natural flavor. If your taste buds are not put-off by the earthy tones, take benefit from the range of concentrations offered, from mild, medium to strong cannabidiol CBD. 

    Offering choice to newbies looking for a controlled Cannabidiol exposure and on the other hand regular users looking for high doses.

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • US farmed hemp
    • Vegan friendly
    • No animal testing
    • No artificial coloring & flavors
    • Soy-free & gluten-free
    • CO2 extraction process
    • Flavors: Apple Kiwi Bliss, Mint Breeze, Original
    • Brand: Green Roads
    • Total CBD: Available in 3 sizes: 300mg, 750mg or 1500mg CBD per bottle
    • Weight: 1fl oz / 30 ml bottle
    • CBD Potency: Available from mild: 10mg, medium: 25mg, to strong: 50mg
    • Serving Size: Place 1 ml (25mg CBD) under tongue for 30 seconds, before swallowing
    • Easy to use a syringe for consumption accuracy
    • Range of sizes & concentration, from low to high doses
    • Ship US-wide
    • Third-party tested
    • Promotes sleep, feeling refreshed
    • Flavored CBD oil
    • Don’t t ship internationally
    • 300 mg & 750 mg of CBD are expensive
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  • The MedTerra CBD Oil Tincture is made with 99% plus CBD, with 1% trace amounts of Medium-Chain Triglyceride MCT oil (coconut derived), and with zero THC. 

    The tinctures come in 3 concentrations, the lowest strength at 500mg, 1000mg, and the highest strength at 3000mg of CBD per tincture.  

    The tinctures come with easy-to-use instructions with the dropper applicator having measurement markings of 0.25, 0.50m 0.75, and 1 ml bottle, making it super easy for you to administer your dosage accurately.

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • US farmed (Kentucky) & produced hemp
    • Non-GMO & no pesticides
    • Organic hemp oil
    • Certified by US Hemp Authority
    • Zero THC
    • CO2 extraction process
    • Brand: MedTerra
    • Total CBD: Available in 3 strengths : 500mg, 1000mg or 3000mg CBD per bottle
    • Weight: 1 fl oz / 30 ml bottle
    • CBD/serving per dropper: One bottle contains: 30, 1 ml servings
      500mg - 16mg of CBD per dropper
      1000mg - 33mg of CBD per dropper
      3000mg - 100mg of CBD per dropper
    • Serving size: One dropper under the tongue 1-3 times dail
    • Cheaper than some of the other high-quality brands
    • Easy to use dropper applicator, with measurement markers
    • Range of sizes & concentration CBD products
    • Third-party tested
    • Free shipping for orders above USD 125 US domestically
    • 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if unsatisfied
    • Shipping within the US for orders below USD 125 is not free
    • Don’t ship internationally
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  • The Populum Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil is a cannabidiol-rich cannabis extract high-quality oil. 

    As a full-spectrum hemp oil, it contains CBD oil and a few other cannabinoids and compounds found in cannabis, some that have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain.

    The Populum also contains grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and cold-pressed orange oil. The orange oil not only provides a sweet and fruity flavor but also helps to boost your immune system.

    It’s produced via a two-step extraction process to extract the cannabinoids and terpenoids out of the hemp. 

    Food-grade ethanol extraction is used and as a final step goes through fractionalized distillation. 

    One of the best CBD oil on the market, which has been made using cold-pressed orange oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and stevia extract in addition to hemp extract. 

    It tastes sweet and fruity, making it less of a chore to take this hemp oil. A must-buy CBD oil.

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • US farmed (Colorado) & produced hemp
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free & natural ingredients
    • Extraction process: two-step distillation process
    • Cold-pressed orange oil
    • Grapeseed, hempseed & coconut oil
    • Hemp & stevia extract
    • Brand: Populum
    • Total CBD: Available in 3 sizes: 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg per bottle
    • Weight: 1fl oz / 30 ml bottle
    • CBD potency/ serving: 250mg total - 8mg/serving
      500mg total - 17mg/serving
      1000mg total - 33mg serving
    • Serving size: Place 1 ml under tongue for 30-60 seconds, before swallowing
    • Free shipping US-wide
    • Easy to use a dropper with clear instructions
    • Range of sizes and varying concentrations
    • Third-party tested & they send you the batch lab test results with the product
    • 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if unsatisfied
    • 25% discount for veterans & active duty military & first responders
    • Pleasant sweet & fruity taste
    • Medium-range pricing
    • Don’t ship internationally
    • Expensive
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  • The Naternal Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil oil combines CBD extracts with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, also derived from hemp plants. 

    The key difference between this broad-spectrum oil blend and other full-spectrum oils is that this broad-spectrum oil comes with zero THC. 

    Having no THC is an added bonus and offers you peace of mind if you’re concerned about testing positive with trace amounts of CBD for professional, sporting, or other testing reasons.

    Key Features
    • Broad Spectrum
    • US farmed (North Carolina) & produced hemp
    • Zero THC
    • No pesticides
    • No animal testing
    • Brand: Naternal
    • Total CBD: Available in 3 sizes: 600mg, 1200mg, or 2400mg per bottle. Greater the size, the greater CBD strength
    • Weight: 1 fl oz
    • CBD /Serving per dropper: 600mg - dose 20mg per serving
      1200mg - dose 40mg per serving
      2400mg - dose - 80mg per serving
    • Cheaper on the wallet compared to other brands
    • Range of concentration
    • Third-party tested
    • Military and first responder discounts
    • Ships domestically US wide
    • Extraction method not specified
    • Don’t t ship internationally
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  • The Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture comprises organic hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, and hemp extract. 

    For those seeking the classic tincture, you have the unflavored option. If this is too strong for your taste buds, the CBD oil from Cannabis sativa comes in 2 other flavors; chocolate mint and french vanilla mocha.

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum
    • Whole plant extract
    • US farmed & produced hemp
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan
    • No artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners
    • Ethanol-based extraction process
    • Different flavors: chocolate mint, french vanilla mocha, unflavored
    • Brand: Lazarus Naturals
    • Total CBD: Available in 3 sizes: 750mg, 3000mg or 6000mg per bottle
    • Weight: 750mg & 3000mg -2 fl oz / 0 ml, 6000mg - 4 fl oz / 120 ml bottle
    • CBD potency/ serving: Contains 50mg of CBD per 1 ml
    • Serving size: Take 1 ml as needed
    • Free 3 day shipping on all orders US wide
    • Third-party tested
    • 60% discount for veterans who served in the US military, individuals on long-term disability & low-income households
    • Cheaper than other brands
    • Pleasant taste
    • Not certified organic
    • Don’t ship internationally
    • No money-back guarantee
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  • The CBD Oil Tinctures from cbdMD offers a superior Broad Spectrum CBD, as a result of high-quality manufacturing processes and 100% organic hemp sourced in the US. 

    The CBD Oil Tincture combines Cannabis Sativa plant extracts with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, also derived from the hemp plant. 

    The key difference between this broad-spectrum oil blend and other full-spectrum oils is that this broad-spectrum oil comes with zero THC. 

    Having no THC is an added bonus and offers you peace of mind if you’re concerned about testing positive for CBD for professional, sporting, or other testing reasons. 

    If you're a newbie to CBD oil, your mind will be at rest knowing cbdMD offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee period, so you can sample the product and if it doesn't suit you, you get your money back.

    The only thing you have to focus on is relaxing and sleeping like a log.

    Key Features
    • Broad Spectrum
    • Hemp extract & MCT oil
    • 100% organic USA hemp
    • CO2 extraction process
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-free
    • THC free product
    • 4 flavors available: natural, berry, orange & mint
    • Brand: cbdMD
    • Model: CBD Oil Tincture
    • Weight: 30ml or 60 ml bottle
    • Potency: Range 300mg - 7500mg
    • Serving size: Half a dropper
    • 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Third-party tested
    • US free shipping for orders above $79.95
    • 2 sizes available
    • 4 different flavors
    • 6 different strength levels
    • CoA is not accessible on the website, you must request for it
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  • The Nuleaf Naturals full-spectrum CBD oil is a high-quality whole-plant extract containing full-spectrum hemp extract, organic virgin hemp seed oil with superior quality extraction methods. 

    Cannabidiol CBD comes in a range of sizes from 300 mg to 6000 mg of CBD, offering flexibility if youçre a one-time user or someone regularly taking CBD oil wishing to buy in bulk. 

    This oil is quite pricey, even when compared to other high-quality brands. The higher volume CBD bottles, e.g. the 3000mg bottles are a better deal than the smaller ones. 

    Key Features
    • Full Spectrum hemp extract
    • Colorado-grown & processed
    • USDA Certified organic hemp
    • Non-GMO
    • CO2 extraction process
    • No additive or preservatives
    • Bottled in light defense glass
    • Brand: NuLeaf Naturals
    • Total CBD: Available in 5 sizes: 300mg, 900mg, 1800mg, 3000mg or 6000mg CBD per bottle
    • Weight: Ranging from smallest at .17 fl oz to 3.38 fl oz for largest
    • Serving Size: 30 mg of CBD per serving
    • Easy to use a dropper
    • Range of sizes
    • Ship US-wide & internationally to over 40 countries
    • Third-party tested
    • Great for sleep, potent pain reliever
    • High quality
    • Earthy hemp taste can be off-putting
    • On the pricier side, even when compared with other high-quality CBD products
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  • The CBDistillery Full Spectrum Oil Tincture is a superior grade oil extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant grown in the US. 

    This full-spectrum cannabis cannabidiol res combines the powers of CBD oil and other naturally occurring plant proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

    It allows you to reap all the benefits of the cannabis plant without any intoxicating safety and effects with less than 0.3% THC. 

    You can breathe a sigh of relief that the CBDistillery oil is made using Hemp Authority Certified non-GMO industrial hemp, following the most rigorous and natural hemp farming practices.  

    The CBDistillery oil comes in a variety of strengths from regular strength, extra-strength, maximum-strength to max-plus strength.

    Allowing you to choose the cannabidiol exposure you get, whilst finding the right strength that works for you to aid your sleep woes. 

    So you can calm your blood pressure, simply unwind, relax, and sleep.

    Key Features
    • Full-spectrum oil
    • Includes less than 0.3% THC
    • US Hemp Authority Certified
    • Non-GMO industrial hemp is grown in the US
    • Organic cannabis cannabinoid res
    • Produced with natural farming practices
    • Brand: CBDistillery
    • Model: Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
    • Weight: 30ml bottle
    • Serving size: 1ml via dropper
    • Serving per bottle: 1000mg
    • Free shipping on all US orders
    • 60-day money-back guarantee
    • Portable tincture bottle
    • Third-party tested
    • Available in a variety of strengths
    • CBD Oil is in an unflavored form & maybe too earth in taste for some
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CBD Oils for Sleep Buying Guide

We’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide helping you to distinguish between marijuana-derived CBD products and those deriving from the cannabis Sativa plant.

Before purchasing CBD oil for sleep, you may want to take the below features and guidance into consideration and consult your physician, so that they may provide medical advice to you.

CBD Oils

People frequently confuse the terms cannabis and marijuana, but they are not synonymous.

All pharmaceuticals produced from cannabis sativa are referred to as cannabis. The cannabis plant has approximately 540 chemical components in total.

The term marijuana refers to portions of or products derived from the plant cannabis sativa that contains a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

THC is the chemical in marijuana that makes people feel high. Some cannabis plants have very little THC. 

Cannabis plants containing 0.3 percent or less THC are classified as industrial hemp, due to their negligible amount of THC. 

CBD can be supplied as CBD oil containing only CBD as the active ingredient, excluding THC. Resulting in you not experiencing an altered state from CBD, as you would if consuming THC. 

Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD, is receiving increasing attention as a possible medicinal agent, for relieving pain, anxiety, and aiding sleep.

Benefits of CBD Oils

CBD has become increasingly popular for a variety of health benefits ranging from alleviating pain, treating multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and sleep. 

The strongest empirical evidence comes from CBD effectively treating two childhood epilepsy syndromes; Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) in a randomized controlled trial.

The rate of seizures in these two childhood epilepsy syndromes decreased by 40 percent, which historically has had low response levels to standard anti-seizure medication. 

The US Food and Drug Administration has for the first time approved a medically reviewed prescription drug called Epidiolex made from medical marijuana, where CBD is the active ingredient successfully treating both these syndromes.

More and more, CBD is being used to treat anxiety and for many people suffering from sleep-related disorders such as insomnia, evidencing that CBD promotes relaxation, aids time to fall asleep, and improves the duration of sleep. 

Increasingly, work produced from academic research institutions, albeit, in their infancy indicates CBD can treat a variety of chronic pain, due to having anti-inflammatory properties. 

The correlation between treating pain and ensuring a good night's sleep is gaining more and more attention.

Early data indicates the usage of CBD is highly promising in treating a wide range of health issues: anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, however, more research is needed into the effectiveness of CBD. More medically reviewed and peer-reviewed studies are welcome. 

Does CBD Help with Sleep?

In the US, poor sleep or not enough sleep is the number one medical complaint revealed. On average an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night. 

Would it then surprise you to know that millions of Americans don’t get adequate sleep or suffer from some form of sleep disorder? 

Insomnia is one of the most common sleeping disorders. Sufferers of insomnia struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

In addition to not being able to sleep, other symptoms of insomnia are: feeling tired despite having slept the previous night, waking up early, feeling tired/sleepy during the course of the day, having trouble focusing on tasks, suffering from anxiety, depression, or irritability and generally stressing about sleep. 

Insomnia can be caused by many factors ranging from stress, irregular bedtimes, eating late and even medications being taken. 

Insomnia can be treated and an increasing number of people are beginning to use CBD oil, due to its health benefits to treat insomnia by promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and treating chronic pain, all things that contribute to a poor night's sleep. 

Whilst CBD oil can aid in falling asleep, it may energize you and keep you awake. The best way to know how it affects you is to take a micro dosage for the first time and observe whether it makes you relaxed or an energizer bunny.   

Features of Best CBD Oils

Quality Production

Ensure the quality of the hemp plant is organically grown and non-GMO. This is why it's essential to look into how and where the CBD you are purchasing was produced. 

Many companies may buy hemp extracts from overseas to skimp on cost, and different countries may have more relaxed quality control and regulation around hemp farming. Screen for high standards of production. 

Testing & Transparency

Getting comfortable in buying CBD comes from having peace of mind that what the product label says is what you are getting. 

Look for third-party testing and peer-reviewed studies with lab test results. All reputable above-board firms will be able to provide a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ detailing where the plant was grown, what it was tested for, and what the product comprises. Seeing is believing.

Customer Reviews

Looking at testimonials from actual consumers who have bought and used the product and explaining what their user experience was like is a great source of comfort. 

That’s why we scoured countless reviews to make it easier for you to choose from.


This varies significantly based on the quality of the product, where it was grown, and most importantly the type of extraction process it went through.

CBD Oils for Sleep FAQ

How does CBD work?

Scientific jargon alert: The endogenous cannabinoid system is a pivotal physiologic system, in maintaining your health. 

Endocannabinoids and their receptors exist throughout the body, in the brain, organs, and connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. 

In every tissue, the cannabinoid system performs various tasks, with the ultimate goal being to maintain a stable internal environment in your body. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), with its critical role for the immune and nervous systems, can best be described as a bridge between body and mind. 

When cannabinoid receptors have triggered a range of physiologic processes that take place in your nervous and immune systems. 

There is empirical evidence suggesting that a healthy functioning cannabinoid system can be further enhanced by taking cannabis medicinally and thus improving your ECS. 

Is CBD addictive?

In line with the World Health Organization (WHO) report, CBD exhibits no safety and side effects that would indicate any drug withdrawal or dependence potential in humans.

Presently there is no evidence suggesting a connection between the use of CBD and withdrawal symptoms or dependency. 

Is CBD Safe?

CBD has a prominent safety track record, especially when it is compared to conventional medically reviewed over-the-counter prescription drugs. 

The World Health Organization review paper stated there were no recorded cases of overdose fatalities attributed to cannabis. 

Having said that, a key safety concern with CBD is that it is predominantly marketed and sold as a supplement and not a medication. 

This means that at present, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) does not regulate CBD products in terms of safety and purity as dietary supplements. 

Such placement can create uncertainty for end consumers, to know whether the end product they are buying has active ingredients and whether the dosage levels stipulated on product labels are indeed correct. 

Some people consuming CBD may experience the following side effects: nausea, fatigue, and irritability. 

People with pre-existing health conditions may also be vulnerable to other side effects. 

When considering any new medication, if you are contemplating the medicinal consumption of CBD oil, you should consult your doctor first to determine the appropriateness and consumption dose of CBD oil.

Is CBD legal?

Legal jargon alert: The legal status of CBD appears at first glance to be a simple question, but it requires a rather complex answer. 

The US government’s position on CBD is confusing, to say the least. The federal government determines whether CBD comes from cannabis sativa or marijuana. 

If the source is marijuana, the DEA (US Drugs Enforcement Agency) considers it to be illegal. 

The DEA classifies anything deriving from the marijuana plant as Schedule I substances, categorizing the plant as having no medicinal properties and is equivalent to other addictive antipsychotic drugs such as ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. 

The legality of CBD is expected to go through reform. It is yet to be seen whether the US FDA’s approval of Epidolix will influence the DEA to change its position especially as there is growing consensus in Congress to classify the cannabis sativa/hemp crop as ‘legal’. 

If this happens, it would make CBD and research around its medicinal use extremely difficult to restrict or sideline and would encourage further medically reviewed insights

At the state level, all 50 states have laws legalizing CBD with varying degrees of nuances, or additional requirements stipulating a doctor's endorsement is required for consumption.

The legality issue gets further confusing when CBD comes from hemp. Pursuant to the 2014 Farm Bill, the DEA’s position is that CBD from hemp is illegal unless the grower raised the plant ‘under the auspices of a state agriculture pilot program’ for the purposes of research. 

Are you confused yet? Well, I’m confused right alongside you. 

As long as the positions are taken at the federal level and the state level differs, the status around the legal classification of CBD will continue. Watch this space.

Can you legally buy CBD oil online?

Yes, you can is the short answer. Always be aware of where you are purchasing from and which jurisdiction you are shipping to as the laws may differ.

How is CBD oil made?

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, followed by diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. 

Non-GMO hemp plants then go through an extraction process to produce a darkish oil known as crude oil. 

There are many different types of extraction processes, with the primary goal of passing a solvent through dried plant material, with the objective to extract out the active compounds. 

This crude oil is processed further before being made into a final CBD product. 

The following extraction methods are commonly used:

Ethanol Extraction

High-quality alcohol (ethanol) is used to separate CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant. 

This extraction process can be done under either warm or cold conditions and is an efficient method for CBD extraction when compared to CO2 extraction. 

CO2 Extraction

Involves using carbon dioxide under extremely low temperatures and extremely high pressure to clean out hemp flowers of all cannabinoids and terpenes. 

This extraction process, whilst laborious can produce some of the purest quality of cannabinoid extracts. 

The downside is that the equipment and extraction process is expensive and often the end consumer picks up this tab. 

Full-Spectrum Extraction

Contains all phytochemicals naturally found in the plant. THC levels are 0.3% or below. 

Broad-Spectrum Extraction

Contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the hemp plant, but without THC.

What is the dosage of CBD Oil I should take?

This depends on the medicinal purpose you are taking the CBD for, along with your physical size, your general health, and any pre-existing conditions you have, the type of metabolism you have, and any medication you are currently taking. 

Always consult a doctor before consuming CBD oil. 

Conclusion - CBD for sleep?

CBD oil may provide relief to a multitude of health issues, including sleep. With so many dissenting views on its legal status at the state level let alone at the federal level, it still remains an unregulated market, requiring end consumers to do their homework before consuming CBD. 

As the legal and empirical landscape evolves, the understanding of medicinal CBD oil will grow, aiding millions of people to get pain relief a good night's sleep.

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