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Sleep Technology

Hack your sleep!

Sleep technology is becoming more prevalent in devices designed to aid sleep. Sleep trackers are one of the most common sleep technologies. Sleep tracking devices frequently use sensors that measure sleep behavior or sleep stages.

The sleep behavior sensors measure body movement or use a camera to track sleep patterns from the sleeper’s face, for example by measuring their eye movements, facial muscle activity, heart rhythm, and other sleep disorders.

Sleep tracking devices can be placed under the mattress or bed frame that slips into a tight-fitting sheet over the top of the bed or, as a wearable sleep device for monitoring sleep.

Smart devices will be able to understand sleep stages, sleep depth, and interruptions from sleep cycles through sensors that can provide more information on the quality of sleep experienced by the user.

Smart beds use sleep technology in both the mattress and base to ensure it is providing a good sleeping experience while sleep cooling systems use sleep technology in sleep systems to monitor sleep patterns and temperatures.