Tony Wrighton

An author published in 12 languages, TV presenter and host of the Zestology podcast, Biohacking, and NLP enthusiast.

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Tony Wrighton is a renowned figure on British television, gracing the screens of Sky Sports News, Sky News, ITV, and beyond.

Tony's impressive bibliography of four NLP-related books has been translated into a dozen languages, ranging from Chinese to Spanish, Japanese to Turkish, and even Dutch and Croatian.

His latest book, Zestology: How to Live a Longer Healthier Life with the Best of Everything, is an exploration of using science-backed strategies for better health and well-being.

Tony believes that by understanding the body’s biology and the impact your daily habits, beliefs and environment can have on it you can create lasting change. As a result, he specializes in biohacking and NLP coaching to help people get out of their own way.

Tony is also the host of the popular podcast, Zestology, and through it, he explores topics such as longevity, psychology, nutrition, fitness, technology, and biohacking.

He has interviewed some of the world’s leading experts in these areas including Dr. David Sinclair, Jack Kruse, and many more.

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