Anthony DiClementi

Certified nutritionist, personal trainer to celebrities, wellness coach, functional medicine specialist, author, and biohacker.

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Anthony is a well-known expert in nutrition, a personal trainer to the rich and famous, a wellness coach, and an integrative medicine specialist.

According to him, the conventional advice we are all given on how to live a better life is incorrect, and biohacking is the correct answer. It appears that he was correct in this because entrepreneurs and top executives are implementing his ideas successfully.

Anthony has empowered himself through biohacking and now aspires to provide others with the same opportunity. In other words, his first book, The Biohacker's Guide, which was published in 2016, was designed to be a body owner's manual.

In his book, he offers ways to improve your physical and mental health, fitness levels, fat loss goals, moods, cognitive skills, and energy.

To do this effectively draws on ideas from functional medicine athletes as well as scientists researching pharmacology who specialize in nutrition and personalized health care. Furthermore, exercise physiology along with the study of applied science related to aging are combined to provide a comprehensive guide.

By sitting down and talking with various experts across different disciplines, he is able to get the latest scoop on research findings, new products, routines, habits, and resources that can help improve the quality of life.

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