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Doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist, and passionate advocate for using food as medicine.

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Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist with a goal of assisting individuals in becoming healthy through the use of food as medicine.

He established one of the United States' largest functional medicine practices and runs the popular health website draxe.com, where recipes, natural treatments, instructional videos, nutrition guidance, and fitness suggestions can be found.

Dr. Axe is a board-certified natural medicine doctor (DNM), received his chiropractic doctorate at Palmer College (DC), and is a certified nutrition specialist (CNS). He resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Axe has published many successful and well-received books, including Healing Leaky Gut and Essential Oils Transformation. Many people have read his work and completed his programs.

These books and programs offer a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, combining the power of advanced nutrition with recipes, herbal remedies,, and lifestyle improvements.

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