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The Best Best Back Stretcher

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Best Back Stretchers

These days it's quite common to suffer from backache, from extended periods at the computer, having developed poor posture, or experiencing tightness and discomfort.

In an ideal world, it would be perfect to have a personal physical therapist coming to your home to provide relief for stiff muscles and joints. 

However, this is quite costly, so the majority of you need to find a solution to help rehabilitate your overall health and back on a regular basis, while not breaking the bank.

Whatever the cause of your pain, a portable back stretcher is an excellent back stretching device, enabling you to stretch your core muscles and decompress your spine.

Back stretchers use your own body weight to offer pain treatment and are a must-have in any stretching routine.

Offering a multitude of health benefits, a back stretcher device is inexpensive and can be used in your home or when you are on the go. 

Whether you want a fixed back stretcher to support an upside-down position or an adjustable back stretcher, customizing comfortable height, there’s something for everyone. 

We trawled through countless back stretchers to bring you our top picks, offering you welcomed tension relief. 

Leaving you lying back, and focusing on stretching your back and body!

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10 Best Back Stretchers in 2024

Best Back Stretchers Buying Guide

If you want to stretch out the tightness in your back without spending an arm and a leg, you might find yourself in the market for a back stretcher. 

Back stretches are a great portable device that can be used at home or when you are on the go to stretch your muscles and joints, to minimize pain and improve flexibility.   

We’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you find the best back stretcher for you! 

Back Stretchers

Back stretchers work by following the natural curve of your spine. Once you have placed the back stretcher in position on the floor and are laying down on it, the back stretcher relaxes and stretches your spine vertically.

Stretching your back enables space to be created between the vertebrae. 

A back stretcher also helps to elongate the lumbar muscles helps to relieve various ailments minimizes pain and in many cases helps to avoid surgery.

If you have back pain and your spine is compressed, a back stretcher is an ideal device that you can use laying down or as support on a chair to stretch your back and create space in your spine, helping to relieve the pain.

Benefits of a Back Stretcher Device

Using a back stretcher comes with a multitude of benefits, from stretching the spine to helping to relax stiff back muscles and improving posture.

A back stretcher helps to relieve compression on the spinal discs and pinched nerves, improves flexibility range of motion, and blood circulation. 

A back stretcher helps to strengthen the back muscles, helping to heal any injuries and preventing injury in the long run as your back muscles are stronger and more flexible.

Back stretchers are ideal to use at home and are portable enough to be taken with you. Back stretchers are inexpensive devices that provide you with wide-ranging benefits. that help people with special back conditions such as a herniated disc.

For some people decompressing your spine at home through inversion therapy via an inversion table or gravity boots, may not be ideal due to health issues. If this applies to you, a back stretcher is an ideal tool for you.

Features of Best Back Stretchers


What kind of overall support is provided by the back stretcher? Is it more suitable for the lower back only or does the design cater for the lower and upper back?

A good back stretcher has a design that molds the natural curvature of your spine and allows your back muscles to relax when laying down on it. 

You want the design of the back stretcher to let you feel a stretch, but the stretch should not be too painful or uncomfortable. 

Ideally, the design of the stretcher should have sufficient padding, enabling you to hold a stretch for longer periods while being comfortable.

Do you want to use the back stretcher by laying down or do you want a back stretcher that dually functions as a backrest in the office? If you want a dually functioning back stretcher look for designs that have a strap that allows fixing to a chair.


There are primarily two types of stretching surfaces. A smooth surface and a textured surface with acupressure nodes or spikes. 

Smooth surfaces are great for people wanting to improve their posture and treat conditions such as sciatica. 

Back stretchers with acupressure nodes or spikes provide the added benefit of massaging your back muscles improving blood circulation and relieving stiff muscles.

For some beginners, back stretchers with acupressure nodes or spikes may be a little comfortable initially and you may want to use a soft cloth or towel to cushion the nodes.


With regular stretching over time, your back will get more flexible, so it’s a good idea to get a back stretcher that allows you to adjust the arc and hence the intensity of the stretcher.

Many back stretcher models allow the arc to be adjusted to a minimum of 3 levels of adjustment, with level 1 being for beginners and offering the least intensity for stretching and level 3 offering a higher level of stretching intensity. 

As you become more flexible you can adjust the intensity level to deepen the stretch to continue reaping the maximum lumbar benefit.

Weight Capacity

It is also worth checking what the maximum user weight capacity is for the back stretcher. You want to ensure the back stretcher is durable enough to withstand your weight, to ensure complete safety when using it.

Portability & Storage

A typical back stretcher is not too heavy or bulky and can be stored when not in use.

It should be durable to support your weight but lightweight enough to be taken with you if you are on the go, to help stretch and provide pain relief.

Best Back Stretchers FAQ

How long should you lay on a back stretcher?

As a general rule, you can use a back stretcher twice a day, with each stretching session lasting around 10 minutes.

If you have specific health issues, it is always advisable that you consult with your physical therapist or medical practitioner before using any back stretching device to ensure full compliance with your medical condition.

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