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Best Massage Ball

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

Massage balls are a great recovery tool to have at home and when you are on the go. They are perfect to help work through all those knots, muscle tightness, and muscle pain you have.

A good massage ball can have a smooth surface or be textured. Whether you like a soft massage or you want to loosen tight muscles with a deep tissue massage, a massage ball will get into all those smaller muscle groups for physical therapy.

Massage balls can be used lying down on a yoga mat, or by leaning against a wall, and you simply use your own body weight to apply pressure to specific trigger points, to relieve tension and aid muscle recovery.

Massage balls come in a variety of styles, some mimic tennis balls, others are designed more like a lacrosse ball or hockey balls. While others are constructed more like a spikey ball. 

Massage balls can be used for stimulating blood flow and aid muscle performance, as often as you like without racking up expensive massage bills.

With the average massage ball priced at very affordable levels, it’s crazy not to buy one when it brings so many benefits to eliminate pain.

We screened countless massage balls to bring you a shortlist of the best massage balls out there. Happy rolling!

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The Best Massage Balls

  • Unlock your body's inner strength with the TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball, you're body will feel empowered to feel better in no time.

    This hand-made EVA foam massage ball is designed to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist's hands, allowing you to get relief from discomfort and tightness on your own. 

    Whilst the foam surface is very dense, it still compresses to "grip" the tissue to keep muscles pain-free and healthy. Sporting a large surface area offers the Foam Massage Ball to release tight shoulders, hips, and groin. 

    The surface is easy to clean and maintain so you can focus on getting deep tissue compression for ultimate relief from aches and pains. Trigger happy!

    Key Features
    • EVA foam massage ball
    • Firmness: extra-firm
    • 5-inch ball covers large areas
    • Foam surface easy to clean
    • Slip-resistant
    • Brand: TriggerPoint
    • Model: TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball
    • 1-year warranty
    • Perfect for deep tissue massage
    • Lightweight & travel-friendly
    • Compact massage ball targets hard to reach tight muscles
    • Slip-resistant
    • Has a large surface area that provides the ability to release tight shoulders, hips & groin
    • Great for people of all ages, sizes & athletic ability
    • Great price
    • Some people may find this too firm
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  • The high-density Pro-Tec Athletics Orb Deep Tissue Massage Ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to the IT Band, hamstring, quadriceps, calves, and more.

    Sporting a multi-directional roll with a textured surface allows a massage that digs into all those hard-to-reach areas, such as the shoulder blade, hamstring, or piriformis. 

    Made with firm EVA foam, ensures the Orb maintains its shape after repeated use. The EVA closed-cell foam makes it hassle-free to wipe down and keep clean.

    Get ready to reduce muscle fatigue, have improved flexibility, and enhance your performance with the aid of the Pro-Tec Athletics Orb Deep Tissue Massage Ball. 

    Key Features
    • EVA foam massage ball
    • 5-inch diameter
    • Firmness: high density
    • Available in 2 colors
    • Provides multi-directional massage
    • Instructional guide included
    • Brand: Pro-Tec Athletics
    • Model: Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb Deep Tissue Massage Ball
    • Economical
    • Enhances physical performance
    • Promotes flexibility
    • Reduces muscle fatigue & tightness
    • Provides deep tissue massage with multi-directional roll
    • Targets areas of pain to achieve a myofascial release
    • Great for massaging all body parts
    • It may be too firm for some people
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  • Soothe muscle pain in your feet with the Body Back Foot Star 2-inch Massage Ball.  Ideal for massaging the balls and heels of your feet helps prevent tears or swelling in your muscles.  The Foot Star has hundreds of acupressure stars that massage every pressure/trigger point to increase blood flow and help relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis.  It's ultra-small and lightweight, making it ideal for you to take with you anywhere. Relax your feet muscles with this miracle massage ball. 
    Key Features
    • Rubber-like polyurethane 2-inch ball
    • Solid core
    • Firmness: firm
    • Washable & portable
    • Latex-free - hypoallergenic
    • Easily cleaned & stain resistant
    • Brand: Body Back
    • Model: Foot Star 2-inch Massage Ball
    • Great for the heel, arch, midfoot, toes & plantar fasciitis relief
    • Suitable for everyone
    • Ideal for use at the office, gym, or at home
    • Perfect in helping muscles recover faster by stimulating the movement of oxygen & nutrients
    • Affordable
    • Some may find the spikes too sharp
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  • The Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls are a super addition to our picks for the best massage balls. 

    Roughly the same size as standard lacrosse balls, the Kieba Massage Balls are made for working on those stubborn knots and tight muscles and aid your recovery.

    Designed with solid rubber, you can rest assured that they will retain their shape after prolonged usage. Despite a smooth surface texture the balls don't slide or roll away when you are trying to massage on them.

    It's time you experienced the ultimate personal massage tool with the Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls. 

    Key Features
    • 100% solid rubber construction
    • Massage ball set
    • Anti-slip
    • Durable
    • Lacrosse ball style
    • Brand: Kieba
    • Model: Kieba Massage Ball
    • 100% money-back guarantee
    • Returns permitted within 30 days of purchase
    • Easy to use
    • Great price
    • Ideal for people seeking myofascial release, relieving muscle knots & tight muscles
    • Great for relieving stress & tension, generating blood flow & increasing flexibility
    • Could be too firm for users who are beginner level
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  • The set of massage balls you get with ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball will help you release tension in all areas of discomfort and pain. 

    Made of 100% durable natural rubber, you get a set of two balls. You have the choice of selecting from two different sizes, balls that are 2.5-inch in diameter or a set of balls that are 2.75-inch in diameter. 

    Similar to across ball, the ActiveProZone Massage Balls ensure a good grip, that is firm enough to allow the massage ball to remain on the spot you want to treat and gentle enough to not irritate sensitive soft tissue. 

    With a hardcore and a softer surface area, you are sure to alleviate sore and knotted muscles in no time!

    Key Features
    • Made of 100% durable natural rubber
    • Set of 2 balls
    • Comes with a mesh storage bag
    • Available in 2 sizes: 2.5-inch or 2.75-inch diameter
    • Lacrosse is like a massage ball
    • Firmness: Medium firmness
    • Brand: ActiveProZone
    • Model: ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund
    • Budget-friendly
    • Easy to use
    • You can use it on any part of the body for a deep tissue massage ball release
    • Ideal for people seeking pain relief, precise pressure & a non-slip massage ball
    • Available in 2 different sizes
    • Not for people seeking a massage ball with bumps/ridges or trigger point therapy
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  • The Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max Massage Ball is an excellent addition to our top list of massage balls. 

    With its revolutionary trigger point massager grid, the Epitomie Massage Ball is an ergonomically formed deep tissue massager surface that fluctuates for various angles to target tense muscles.

    The deep ridges on the ball reach far into inner muscles and joints to iron out knots, relieve tightness and improve circulation. 

    A high-density rubber massage ball designed in Germany is able to handle a maximum weight of 500-pounds of body weight. 

    It comes complete with a travel bag, allowing you to keep the Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max Massage Ball with you on the go!

    Key Features
    • Large high-density rubber massage ball
    • Designed in Germany
    • Max weight supported is 500 pounds
    • Travel bag included
    • Deep tissue treatment
    • Revolutionary trigger point massage grid
    • Brand: Epitomie Fitness
    • Model: Epitomie Fitness Muscle Max Massage Ball
    • Full refunds are permitted, if unsatisfied with the purchase
    • Economical
    • The deep ridges reach into inner muscles & joints to iron out knots, relieve tightness & improve circulation
    • Great for back relief & roll away muscle tension
    • Attacks sore muscles from various angles
    • Ideal for people seeking trigger point massage therapy
    • Not for people who prefer a smooth massage ball surface
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  • Recover faster with the outstanding 4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Ball after a workout, before bed to treat and prevent knots and muscle soreness. 

    The 4KOR Massage ball is designed to generate higher global shear pressures for an intense, effective, and efficient type of deep tissue therapy. 

    With a unique massage grid, the 4KOR Massage Ball offers a distinctive grip-strong TPR tread and an innovative groove pattern for deep tissue therapy and anti-slip. 

    Ideal for people looking for a firm, trigger point massage ball, made of thermoplastic rubber and with a 3.2-inch diameter means your larger muscle groups are fully catered for. 

    Get an intense, effective, and efficient deep tissue therapy with the 4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Ball!

    Key Features
    • Effective deep tissue 4KOR Fireball
    • Firm, trigger point massage ball
    • Made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
    • 3.2-inch diameter
    • Unique massage grid
    • Comes with an exercise guide
    • Travel bag
    • Brand: 4KOR
    • Model: 4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Ball
    • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
    • Ideal for providing a super deep tissue massage with its unique grip-strong TPR tread
    • Great for use after a workout, before bed, or during a lunch break to treat/prevent knots & soreness
    • The large surface area of the ball is ideal for the large muscle of the lower body
    • Unique grid pattern
    • Pricey
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  • The TriggerPoint MobiPoint Textured Massage Ball is an excellent addition to our shortlist of massage balls. 

    Designed with a 2-inch diameter, the TriggerPoint MobiPoint is ideal to be used to apply targeted pressure in a small surface area such as hands and feet. 

    The textured surface with its raised tips makes the MobiPoint perfect to improve mobility and relieve muscle soreness. 

    The solid plastic construction makes the MobiPoint durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. Unlock your body's inner strength!

    Key Features
    • 2-inch diameter
    • Textured surface - Raised tips
    • Hygienic solid construction
    • Easy to clean
    • Material grips tissue as you roll
    • Solid plastic construction
    • Brand: TriggerPoint
    • Model: TriggerPoint MobiPoint Textured Massage Ball
    • 1-year warranty
    • Provides direct muscle compression to help soreness, discomfort & tightness
    • Ideal for people seeking to roll aches & pains in the hands & feet
    • Easy to clean
    • Budget-friendly
    • Great for small surface areas & for providing targeted pressure
    • It may not be ideal for larger muscle groups
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Massage Balls Buying Guide

A massage ball can be used to release trigger points, alleviate tension in different muscle groups, and allow the application of firm pressure to dig deep to ease tension and prevent serious injury.

Using a heavy-duty massage ball as part of your pre and/or post-workout can help aid your recovery time and enhance your fitness performance. 

With a wide variety of massage balls available, from a smaller massage ball to a spiky ball, or a cold massage ball, to one that offers heat therapy. It’s easy to get lost about which massage ball is right for your needs.

Let us guide you on what features to look for when buying the best massage ball. 

Massage Balls

A massage ball is a small massage ball made usually from rubber. Massage balls come in a range of sizes and shapes with smooth or textured surfaces. 

Massage balls are an inexpensive way to help work through muscle aches, joint pain, knots, and stiffness in the body. 

They are excellent for accessing trigger points and working for smaller and large muscle groups. 

The best massage balls are also a great recovery tool to have at home to use regularly pre or post-workout, to increase your flexibility and enhance your performance.

Benefits of Massage Balls

Using a massage ball helps to relieve pain, reduce muscle soreness, knots, aids recovery pre-post workouts, and allow self-massage or myofascial release.

Additional benefits include increased blood flow, which aids healing, improved range of motion, improved immune response, improved mood, and enhanced nerve function. 

Finally, massage balls help aid muscle recovery and improve muscle performance.

Features of a Best Massage Ball


Massage balls come in a variety of different sizes from golf ball-sized to high bounce ball-sized. Some may come as a massage ball set or the massage balls included other recovery tools.

What size ball you select will be influenced by the specific area of the body you want to use the ball for.

Simply put the smaller a massage ball is, the more effective it is in getting to a tricky body part. On the flip side, larger balls are ideal if you are looking to relieve larger muscle groups.

Massage balls come in a variety of different sizes from golf ball-sized to high bounce ball-sized. Some may come as a massage ball set or the massage balls included other recovery tools.

What size ball you select will be influenced by the specific area of the body you want to use the ball for.

Simply put the smaller a massage ball is, the more effective it is in getting to a tricky body part. On the flip side, larger balls are ideal if you are looking to relieve larger muscle groups.

  • LacrosseBall/Golf Ball - Are ideal to massage hands, forearms, or feet. In terms of measurements, a lacrosse ball has a diameter of 63mm. The diameter of a golf ball is 42.7mm.
  • Tennis Ball & Baseball - Are great to work the upper and lower back, deltoids, neck, abdomen, calves, and hamstrings. The diameters are 63mm, 67mm, and 73mm respectively.
  • Diameter Massage Ball - Unlike the other balls, the diameter ball is 4-inch, larger than the other massage ball. This type of massage ball is great for massaging the chest and shoulders. 

Surface Texture

Some massage balls are super smooth and are good for a general massage. Whilst other massage balls have a textured surface with spikes, ridges, or bumps, allowing them to really dig into all the key acupressure spots and tight areas.

Massage balls with a textured surface will deliver a more intense massage than smooth massage balls. They also allow the massage ball to remain in place whilst you are using it.

Whether you opt for a massage ball with a smooth surface or a textured surface depends on how intense you like your massage.


Round massage balls are the most common for a general-purpose massage. If you want a more intense trigger point massage or acupressure, shaped massage balls could be a good option for you.


You want a ball that stays in place. The heavier a massage ball is, the less it will move around. Lighter balls may roll around under you when you are massaging yourself.

Solid balls are better to go for than hollow or inflatable balls due to their weight and ability to remain stationary when in use, say for the upper back.


You want a massage ball that has a reasonable grip so that it does not roll or slip under your body when you are massaging yourself on the floor or propped against a wall. 

If the floors in your home and gym are slippery or wooden, then you should get a massage ball that is made from rubber or other materials that offer a good grip.


There are massage balls that are soft and others that are more firm. What firmness you choose can depend on the area of the body you want to massage, is the area delicate or injured? 

Do you prefer softer massages or more intense acupressure style massages? If you want a soft massage ball, select a foam ball. 

If you want a more intense trigger point style massage go for a solid massage ball.


You want a massage ball that stands the test of time, after regular use without losing shape or disintegrating. Pick a massage ball made from durable materials.


Most massage balls are very affordable and will not break the bank. A small to medium massage ball will cost around $10 to $25.

Mid-range massage balls, come with a textured surface and are around the $30 to $55 mark. Even the high-end more durable massage balls are very reasonably priced. 

Massage Balls FAQ

How do you use a massage ball?

Using a massage ball enables you to massage painful parts of your body without an expensive massage bill.

Make sure you have a stable surface or a smooth wall if you want to stand and use a massage ball. 

Place the ball between the surface, such as the floor or wall, and the specific area of the body you wish to massage. Use your body weight to apply pressure to the specific part of your body where you have pain or tight muscles

Once you have identified the right spot on your body that is in pain or has a knot, start applying medium pressure with your body. Gently roll back and forth until the pain subsides or lessens.

If you experience excruciating pain, you may be applying too much pressure. 

If you are new to using massage balls, you may be a little sore after using them. As you use them regularly your body will adapt.

How often should you use a massage ball?

This depends on how much pain you are in and how much relief you need. If you have a muscle or knot that is super tight and painful, you may want to use a massage ball daily or even twice a day.

Be patient, some pain can take days before subsiding. If the pain continues to persist after an elongated period of time, you may want to consult a physiotherapist or chiropractor. 

How are massage balls different from foam rollers?

Foam rollers are cylindrical whilst massage balls are usually round. Whilst both foam rollers and massage balls aim to provide myofascial release, they both serve a different purpose.

Massage balls are able to target specific muscles and help release the pain that is localized by applying targeted pressure that goes deeper than foam rollers. 

Due to its round shape, they can get to spots that a foam roller probably is not able to get to. They are smaller in size, so quite travel-friendly.

Foam rollers are bigger and apply general pressure on larger muscles. Foam rollers are ideal if you want to get a general massage, which can help with recovery, improve your flexibility and your athletic performance immensely.

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