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The Best Eye Massager

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Eye Massagers

Anyone with a hectic lifestyle, who suffers from headaches, tired and fatigued eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles, or has undergone eye operation, will welcome a good quality eye massager to relieve eye fatigue. 

With a range of electric eye massager models available on the market, you can find different types of massages to suit your needs.

From a temple massage, rhythmic percussion massaging, oscillating pressure or those that provide a comfortable temperature of heat, vibration, air pressure, or cutting-edge infrared technology is available to relieve eye fatigue.

Whether you prefer a handheld portable eye massager or wearable eye massagers, an electric eye massager is ideal for men and women.

It offers the perfect relaxation for anyone with a retina condition, relief of temple pressure, to rejuvenate the eyes. 

Eye massagers are the perfect eye therapy machine, to reduce dark circles, stimulate blood circulation, and relieve eye strain, giving you that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look.

We've scoured countless electric eye massagers to bring you our top picks for anyone with a retina condition, or who has had an eye operation or has sensitive yes, and need to put a twinkle in your eyes!

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8 Best Eye Massagers in 2024

Eye Massagers Buying Guide

If you suffer from headaches, temple pressure, have constantly dry eyes, dark circles, or suffer from facial pain, and spend long hours in front of computers you’ll find yourself in the market for an eye massager

Providing both health and cosmetic benefits, eye massagers help improve blood circulation, relieve temple pressure, and offer comfortable temperature, rejuvenate tired eyes, eliminate under-eye bags and even counter anti-aging effects. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you find the right eye massager. So that you look bright-eyed to tackle your day with a sparkle in your eye!

Eye Massagers

An eye massager is a device that helps to relax tired and fatigued eyes and the muscles surrounding the eye area. 

The eye massager stimulates areas under the eyes, brows, cheeks, and general facial skin, that need relaxing by activating trigger point therapy.

An eye massager helps to stimulate pressure points around the eyes to accelerate blood circulation, reduce dark circles and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity.

Different types of eye massagers are available from handheld wands to wearables to an eye heat massager to many infrared eye massagers.

Eye massagers are battery-operated, with many having rechargeable batteries and heating pads.

Benefits of Eye Massagers

Eye massagers are formulated to activate pressure points with massage modes, in the eyes and the surrounding muscles to relieve tension and rejuvenate the eyes through an eye massage.

An eye massager is an ideal tool to help alleviate stress through a massage and hence lowering your stress hormones.

Many people suffer from dry eyes or have undergone eye operation. Regular eye massages can reduce inflammation and help to improve blood flow circulation, which in turn helps to balance the lubrication of the eyes.

The world of technology that we live in today means we spend long hours in front of computer screens, smartphones, causing strain and tension on our visual muscles.

When you hold a static position focusing on the screen for extended periods of time, an eye massage can help to relax taught optical muscles. 

Dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes are a thorn in many people’s sides. By using an eye massager that helps to stimulate blood flow circulation, it helps relieve dark circles and wrinkles, leaving healthy-looking rejuvenated eyes.

Stress can contribute to annoying headaches, leading you to massage your temples, forehead, and eyebrows area. 

Eye massagers are excellent to activate several trigger points around the eyes, releasing tension and alleviating pesky headaches.

Finally, how good your vision is, is directly linked to the quality of blood flow circulation to your eyes. 

An eye massager is a cutting-edge device that helps to relieve stress from fatigued eyes, promote blood flow circulation and preserve your vision and aid peaceful sleep.

You get all these benefits from an eye massager from the comfort of your humble abode. 

Features of Best Eye Massagers

Types of Eye Massagers

There are a few different types of eye massagers out there. It helps to know what features they come with to determine which one is most suitable for you. 

It also depends on what health condition you suffer from. Whether you’ve had an operation retina condition cataract, eye fatigue, eye puffiness, or suffer from temple pressure to tired eye muscles. 

Heat Eye Massagers

As the name suggests, heat massagers effuse heat which helps to decrease inflammation and alleviate pain and increase blood flow.

Heat massagers are great for people with dark circles under the eyes, who suffer from headaches and blurry vision. Heat is typically emitted at a regulated temperature which helps to stimulate circulation.

Infrared Eye Massagers

Unlike heat eye massagers, infrared eye massagers help to improve blood flow circulation through infrared waves. 

Infrared technology is being increasingly used in health devices due to its rejuvenating benefits on the skin. 

Infrared eye massagers are great for improving blood circulation and reducing strain, improving overall eye health.

Eye Mask Massagers

Eye mask massagers are the typical eye massagers that come to mind. Wearable masks are worn around the eye area like a sleep mask, only bigger with cushioning around the eye areas, leaving your hands completely free.

They are operated via a handheld remote control, allowing you the flexibility to customize the settings to suit you.

This type of eye massager is great for reducing dark circles and eye puffiness. An eye mask massager is ideal for users looking for hands-free and longer eye massage sessions.

  • Helmet Eye Massager - As the name suggests helmet-style eye massagers cover your head like wearing a helmet. Like eye mask massagers, they are operated with handheld remotes. Some infrared eye massagers are designed as helmet eye massagers.
  • Sonic Eye Massager - Sonic eye massagers use high-frequency sonic vibrations, helping to reduce eye strain and relax nerves.


What type of massage modes do you want via the massage head? A massage providing oscillating pressure? Rhythmic percussion massaging? 

Can you switch massage modes via the eye massager switches?


You want an eye massager that is gentle on the eye area, relaxing and pain-free.


Do you want to have the flexibility to select different style massages, temperature settings, and intensity then opt for an eye massager that enables several settings?

Adjustable vs Elastic Headband

If you want a wearable eye massager, so that your hands are free, you want an eye massager model that has a comfortable elastic headband that is not tugging at your hair.

Or alternatively, the eye massager is adjustable, fitting different face shapes. You want something that fits snuggly but is not too tight so that the eye massager can activate all the trigger points.

Built-In Music Player

Whilst this is a purely optional feature, there is no denying that music can complement a massage session by making it soothing and relaxing. 

What kind of music do you prefer? Nature-like sounds or do you want the option to sync your own music via Bluetooth? 

If you don’t want the distraction of music, look for an eye massager that does not have a built-in music player, or offers you the opportunity to disable the music feature.

Power Source

Eye massagers are powered differently. While some models use non-rechargeable batteries other models use rechargeable batteries. 

If you want an eye massager model that enables rechargeable batteries, pay attention to how long it takes to charge the eye massager and once fully charged, how much operating time you get. 

Ideally, you want a model that takes a short time to charge and offers a longer battery life once fully charged. Rechargeable models are pricier than non-chargeable eye massagers, but then you save on buying countless batteries.


The average price of an eye massager varies from as low as $15 to the top end of $150 depending on the features and customization it offers. 

If you are on a tight budget you may want to opt for a wand-style eye massager which is around the $20 mark. 

The most expensive models are wearable style eye massagers, which offer heat, vibration, air pressure type massages and most likely have added technical features such as a built-in music player. 

If you want a model that is more durable and is an investment with more features and all the bells and whistles, be prepared to shell out for a model at the upper end of the spectrum.

Eye Massagers FAQ

How does an eye massager work?

After washing your face with warm water and drying it with a towel, apply your chosen face serum or eye cream. 

If your eye massager is not a handheld device but a wearable, put it on, ensuring it fits comfortably. Ensure the eye massager is fully charged or has batteries that work to power it.

Select the settings on the eye massager you want, selecting the right massage intensity. Press start and the massager will start to massage your eyes, for a few minutes or the predetermined auto-timer you have selected. 

Make sure you follow the instructions manual on how to care for the eye massager when not in use.

How long should you use an eye massager for?

For best results use an eye massager for 15 minutes daily, this will help to minimize dark circles, puffiness and promote blood flow circulation. 

Always ensure you follow the eye massager instruction manual for optimal results.

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