Pretty See Eye Massager Wand

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Adopt the newest micro-current technology to massage and tighten your skin around the eyes with the Pretty See Eye Massager Wand.

It's great for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, under-eye bags, dark circles, swelling around the eyes, and promoting blood circulation.

Featuring two optional settings, one cool vibration massage setting, and the other a warm vibration setting, red light is emitted to soothe your tired complexion and helps your eyes to relax. 

Sporting a massage head with natural Jade offers maximum comfort as it closely touches your skin while massaging your eyes, cheeks, and other areas of the face to work effectively.

The Pretty See Eye Massager comes complete with high-frequency sonic vibration.

The frequency is about 10000/minute, helping to rebuild your skin collagen, tighten up the pores, help absorb eye moisturizer and, more.

The Pretty Eye Massager is small in size like a pencil, making it convenient to slip in your handbag or backpack, when on the go!

Key Features
  • Eye massage wand
  • 6 modes
  • The absorption capacity of natural jade
  • Ion import & export
  • USB charging
  • High/low-frequency vibration
  • Vibration massage
  • 42 degree Celsius hot compress
  • 2 optional settings - one cool & one warm setting
  • High-frequency sonic vibration - 10000/minute
  • Skin-friendly titanium head

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