Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

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Introducing an excellent eye care solution with sharp-edged technology to help you improve dark circles and eye puffiness, comes the Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager.

It's a smart device that massages the eyeballs and all acupoints around the eyes and temples to relax nerves, refresh the brain, and smoothen the skin around the eyes. 

It comes with gentle air pressure vibration technology that provides a soothing and relaxing massage therapy experience to relieve eye strain and prevent eye muscle pain. 

The heat compress helps to improve dark circles by stimulating blood flow circulation.

Equipped with 5 selectable preset massage modes allows you to choose the modes that suit your preferences. 

A foldable and fashionable goggle visor style makes it convenient to carry around.

The compact eye massagers also have a rechargeable battery to ensure you can use them wherever you go.

Featuring built-in speakers with MP3 helps you to relax with the massage.

The Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager comes in a universal size, making it an ideal eye relief and relaxation tool for people of all ages!

Key Features
  • Digital eye massager system
  • Soothing gentle air pressure vibration with heating massage therapy
  • 5 Preset eye massage modes
  • Built-in speakers with MP3 player
  • Transfer your songs via USB cable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Power saving: Automatic power-off function
  • Universal size for all ages: Adjustable elastic band

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