LANDWIND Eye Massager Wand

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Advanced micro-current technology is wrapped into a small wand with the cutting-edge LANDWIND Eye Massager Wand

High-frequency sonic vibrations help to relax eyes, eliminate eye bags and puffy eyes. 10,000/minute vibration rebuilds your skin collagen, tightens pores, and alleviates fatigued eyes.

Equipped with thermal treatment, it removes dark circles and promotes skin absorption by stimulating blood circulation. 

Negative Ion function helps skin cream penetrate into the skin basal layer and you can not only use the LANDWIND Eye Massager Wand for the eyes but also on the cheeks, forehead, lips, and nose muscles.

FDA certified, the LANDWIND Eye Massager Wand is ideal to give your tired eyes some much-needed TLC!

Key Features
  • Advanced micro-current technology
  • High-frequency sonic vibrations
  • 42℃ thermal treatment
  • Negative Ion function
  • USB charging port & cable
  • ABS electroplating materials
  • Auto timer - 5 minutes
  • FDA certified

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