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Metabolic Autophagy

Practice Intermittent Fasting and Resistance Training to Build Muscle and Promote Longevity.

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Feb 09, 2019 | 640 Pages
Metabolic Autophagy

Metabolic pathways are set off by caloric restriction and energy deprivation, both of which have been shown to increase lifespan in almost every species studied.

The metabolism is divided into two subcategories: anabolism and catabolism. The synthesis of biological molecules to create new physical substances in the body is called anabolism, which means ‘upward' in Greek. Catabolism, which means ‘downward' in Greek, refers to the breakdown of biological molecules to release energy.

This has a bearing on the analysis of body tissue as well as the digesting of food, which is subsequently absorbed into the body through anabolic processes.

In addition to 'Metabolic,' you'll notice a second term in the title: 'Autophagy.' This translates from Ancient Greek to ’self-devouring' or ’eating of self.'

This is at the heart of the book's main technique. You may greatly extend your lifespan by maintaining a balance between anabolism and catabolism

This book is a compilation of nutrition and exercise suggestions based on the principles of anabolic-catabolic cycles. It's not a magic bullet — it's just a collection of recommendations for applying the anabolic-catabolic cycle principles to nutrition and exercise.

Metabolic Autophagy will cover the following topics: What increases lifespan in humans and other species? Why there's so much disease and obesity in society, as well as how to promote health and longevity with intermittent fasting.

What is autophagy and how it works. Additionally, you'll learn how to age slower and be vigorous throughout your life by consuming certain foods that make you live longer and build muscle mass.

How various nutrient regulators, such as mTOR, AMPK, sirtuins, FOXO proteins, hormesis, and others affect longevity. What are circadian rhythms and how do they affect your health? Metabolic Autophagy Foods List with Anabolic-Catabolic Score

Siim Land is an anthropologist, entrepreneur, high-performance coach, and biohacker who writes best-selling books about optimizing health and human performance.

In this book, he divulges daily lifestyle and dietary practices that help to cross the chasm between longevity and peak performance.

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