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Author, public speaker, and high-performance coach, specializing in creating content on optimizing health, performance, and longevity through biohacking techniques.

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Siim Land is a best-selling author, public speaker, high-performance coach, content creator, and professional biohacker.

He focuses on optimizing health, performance, longevity, and well-being with different biohacking techniques that fall under the term Body Mind Empowerment. This refers to both physical and mental development.

Ever since he received his degree in anthropology, Siim Land has been writing his blog, which features articles and tutorials on intermittent fasting, ketogenic dieting, meditation, cold thermogenesis, saunas, self-discipline, morning routines, and anything else related to becoming a high-performing individual.

Siim Land is a writer, speaker, content creator, coach, and podcaster.

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