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Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have To

Sep 10, 2019 | 432 Pages

A groundbreaking book from a well-known Harvard Medical School scientist that has been deemed one of the Time's most influential people.

Aging is a fact of life, it seems. But what if everything we've been told about aging up to this point is wrong? What if we had the power to decide how long we lived for?

In this world-changing book, Dr. David Sinclair addresses a brand new theory on why we age and how to treat it. He says: "Aging is a disease, and that disease is treatable."

The New York Times Book Review called this eye-opening and contentious book, in which Dr. David Sinclair's research is taken to the frontlines of cutting-edge science that are breaching our preconceived scientific limits, "riveting."

The key to reversing aging is activating newly discovered vitality genes; these are the descendants of an ancient genetic survival circuit that both causes and reverses aging.

Recent genetic reprogramming experiments suggest that in the future, we may not only be able to feel younger but actually become younger.

Dr. Sinclair uses a page-turning narrative to guide you through the scientific research process and show you the cutting-edge technologies and simple lifestyle adjustments—such as intermittent fasting, cold exposure, exercising at the proper intensity, and eating less meat—that have been proven to help us live younger and healthier for longer.

Lifespan is a game-changer; it will teach us how to take charge of our health and provides a new vision for the future of humanity. It's not only a roadmap for improving our health but also shows us what aging could look like if we make some changes now.

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