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Younger You

Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better

Jan 18, 2022 | 512 Pages
Younger You

Unlock the secret to reversing time with a science-backed plan that was proven to reduce a subject's age by three years in only eight weeks! This accessible program helps you prevent diseases and dramatically lower your biological age.

A fact of life is that growing older is inevitable and one cannot stop the advancing number of your years. However, epigenetics has made it possible for scientists to measure your biological age by analyzing how your genes are expressed.

Fascinating new discoveries demonstrate that reversing one's bio age is a reality! Rigorous scientific tests, overseen by renowned physician Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, confirm this to be true.

By simply practicing healthy dietary habits and making sensible lifestyle changes for just two months, people in the trial reversed their biological age by an impressive three years! With these nutrition-based strategies, you too can defy time - literally!

If you're looking to turn back the clock and feel younger, Dr. Fitzgerald is here to help with her revolutionary diet and lifestyle plan that will transform your epigenetics! With Younger You, you'll discover:

Discover how your epigenetic expression, not genetics, determines your health and age. Uncover the foods & lifestyle choices that have the greatest impact on DNA methylation.

Learn about easy changes you can make to add years to life with a full eating and lifestyle program including recipes and meal plans. Plus find out how to care for your epigenetics at every stage of life from infancy through seniorhood!

You don't need to accept that aging is synonymous with ill health! By decreasing your biological age, you can diminish the risks of developing major diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and dementia.

Younger You provides helpful assessments to determine your biological age, as well as recipes and plans for putting the assessment into practice.

By utilizing this program, you can reverse years of harm done to your body and safeguard yourself against illnesses. Moreover, Younger You optimizes your health so that it will last for many long years ahead!

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