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Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging

Profile picture of suzanne-somers Suzanne Somers (Author)
May 08, 2012 | 368 Pages

Suzanne Somers has a long history of opening new territories to health seekers worldwide. And now, with Bombshell, she does it again.

Acting as your personal medical detective, Suzanne has gathered information from some of the most advanced scientists and health professionals to share ground-breaking advances that will stop deterioration and set you on the path toward restoration and healthy longevity.

By utilizing these new, cutting-edge advancements, you can live a longer and healthier life than ever before. These changes are simple and effective and can help you experience vitality, strong bones, a working brain, and sizzling sexuality well into your old age.

In Bombshell, you will come to understand top medical secrets by means of the groundbreaking technologies that abound today or in the very near future. With this knowledge, we can all hold on to our youthfulness, which includes:

  • How nanobots will be used to clean the blood supply and destroy diseases
  • How stem cell procedures can be used to prevent disease and regrow body parts, using the patient's own adult stem cells
  • How Suzanne had her breast reconstructed after cancer without an implant, in the first clinical trial of its kind in the United States
  • How bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve your internal health, well-being, vitality, looks, and sex drive
  • How cancer might be cured by preventing it at the source with injections of human, cancer-resistant white blood cells.
  • How a supplement to regrow telomeres at a cellular level will restore the human body to a younger internal age and reverse signs of aging such as disease, baldness, wrinkles, and loss of hearing and eyesight.

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