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The Longevity Code

Secrets to Living Well for Longer from the Front Lines of Science

Jan 23, 2018 | 320 Pages
The Longevity Code

Age gracefully with a revolutionary strategy to delay the aging process. Immerse yourself in this innovative science of longevity and discover how you can make changes, whatever your age is, that will lead to a long life full of good health.

Ever wondered why and how the aging process takes place? Or looking to discover what you can do at any age in order to prolong your well-being for many years? Look no further, because all of these answers are here!

In this thought-provoking book, acclaimed polymath Kris Verburgh delves into how to combat the aging process and elucidates the effects of age-related diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and diabetes.

This essential resource will provide readers with valuable insight in order to make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

Acclaimed physician Dr. Verburgh has leveraged his educational background in medicine and science to create an illuminating study of the biological components that cause these diseases.

Uncover the critical effects of lowered mitochondria function, shortened telomeres, proteins, and carbohydrates - not to mention plenty more!

After meticulously examining the aging process, Dr. Verburgh unveiled the Longevity Staircase - an evidence-based program to defer its consequences.

Aging and illness don't have to be a life sentence. This creative, simple step-by-step system offers an extended life span with improved health through nourishment— the most dependable tool against age and disease.

As we move forward in time, science fiction-like advancements in biotechnology are becoming increasingly vital to the "longevity code".

Dr. Verburgh has made it clear how cutting-edge vaccines, CRISPR proteins, stem cells, and even mitochondrial DNA can potentially help us slow down or reverse aging - today and into the future.

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