Dr. Kris Verburgh, MD

A medical doctor and pioneer in longevity medicine, Venture Partner at Longevity Vision Fund, author, Investor, and Co-founder of NOVOS.

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Dr. Verburgh is a highly-accomplished, multi-talented individual - specializing in aging/longevity and the latest advancements within medicine. His extensive research has cemented him as an authority in this field, with his knowledge also featured in numerous publications.

He is an expert in recognizing the potential of technology to revolutionize medicine, and healthcare and increase human longevity. He has been studying how this new industrial age will completely change medical advancements for years.

Dr. Verbugh's expertise lies in the fields of biogerontology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and obesity as they relate to aging and metabolism.

As a Venture Partner at the Longevity Vision Fund, Dr. Verburgh is involved in investing up to $100 million into (bio)technologies that will revolutionize aging and extend our quality of life.

In addition to his impressive medical background, Dr. Verburgh is the co-creator of NOVOS - a revolutionary supplement specifically formulated to target 9 key signs of aging.

With four acclaimed science books to his name, he is a well-respected author in the literary world.

His books are widely recognized for their scientific accuracy, breadth of knowledge, and clear explanations of complex topics related to the field of gerontology.

Dr. Verburgh is a sought-after keynote speaker who regularly appears at conferences and events around the world where he shares his insights about longevity science with audiences from different realms such as healthcare, technology, business, and government.

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