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The Food Hourglass

Apr 10, 2014
The Food Hourglass

Step into the future with this revolutionary approach to understanding how dietary choices impact our aging process.

This cutting-edge outlook is based on groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs related to nutrition and longevity!

Combat the effects of aging and achieve your desired weight with The Food Hourglass. This revolutionary program offers you an easy way to revamp your diet and live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Kris Verburgh crafted and developed this resource to explore health and weight loss in a fresh light, namely focusing on biogerontology (the science of aging). Furthermore, he unveils an innovative new food model: the food hourglass.

The food hourglass is a revolutionary way to visualize the impact of dietary choices on your body and longevity. The core premise?

Dr. Verburgh explains that while the food hourglass isn’t some kind of magical formula to stop aging, it can help you choose the right foods and amounts so that your body can better handle the aging process.

According to him, if you commit yourself to adhere to these principles, your youthfulness can be extended for an indefinite period of time. You could even shed some pounds and tend towards a longer lifespan!

With the help of The Food Hourglass's extensive instruction manual, you can easily determine which food sources to consume and in what amounts.

Furthermore, Dr. Verburgh provides insightful advice on how to get the greatest outcomes by changing your lifestyle habits.

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