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Mitochondrial Dysfunction

A Functional Medicine Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment: Get Rid of Fat, Fatigue, and Brain Fog

Sep 29, 2019 | 194 Pages
Mitochondrial Dysfunction

By presenting his own personal story, he illuminates how a viable diagnosis and treatment plan can be achieved via this approach - an effective way for overcoming health issues that once seemed insurmountable.

Outlining the fundamentals of mitochondrial science, Chapters One and Two cover topics such as cell defense, energy production, aging processes, and cancer.

Subsequent chapters delve into methods for avoiding contaminants that could be damaging to mitochondria health; nourishing foods; supplements; and lifestyle adjustments aimed at eliciting a hormetic response in cells.

The following chapter outlines a functional medicine approach to understanding patients' symptoms. It covers the use of lab tests to assess and treat the issue at hand, before finishing off with some actionable items readers can do from home to help take control of their health.

If you're struggling with chronic exhaustion, the extra fat that just won't budge, foggy thinking, and other symptoms, the key to your resolution might lie within an organelle of your cells called mitochondria.

To enable the cell to properly operate, they generate a type of energy known as ATP. In times of danger or potential harm, these cells will shut down production and enter their protective mode, which has an adverse effect on active components such as brain tissue and muscle fibers.

After experiencing an array of health issues including mitochondrial dysfunction and fatigue, Dr. Chang employed the tactics within his book to make a full recovery.

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