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The BioMat Book

Far-Infrared and Vibrational Medicine

Jun 24, 2015 | 217 Pages
The BioMat Book

This book is about the incredible BioMat and how it helps with cancer treatment, gives pain and stress relief, and now it warms the body increasing circulation, strengthening the heart, and boosting immune system function and strength.

The book is also about the secrets of light and how that matters overly much to our happiness and health.

The book has chapters about the healing powers of infrared radiation, how to use far-infrared technology for deep tissue healing, and how it helps people with chronic pain and fatigue.

It also explains the science behind BioMat products and their therapeutic benefits. Dr. Sircus’s research on this topic is comprehensive and includes evidence from clinical trials and scientific studies.

It includes information on infrared sauna treatments and how it can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, improve sleep quality, and even help with weight loss. The book provides a comprehensive look at far-infrared technology and its healing potential.

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