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Life Extension Sauna Handbook

The Ultimate Guide To Anti-Aging Saunas: Live Longer, Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Totally Detox, Grow New Brain Cells, Increase Endurance

Profile picture of ryker-black Ryker Black (Author)
Mar 05, 2019 | 103 Pages
Life Extension Sauna Handbook

Dr. X, otherwise known as Ryker Black the life extension researcher and consultant, has produced a one-of-a-kind book that is ideal for anyone interested in properly utilizing the sauna to optimize their health.

Whether you are simply curious about proper sauna use or an avid devotee of anti-aging practices and life-extension techniques, this book will prove to be invaluable with its plethora of essential information.

While it's true that a sauna alone won't do wonders, if you combine the use of a sauna with an overall healthy lifestyle, its potential advantages are remarkable. For those seeking to live longer and healthier lives, the right usage of a sauna can offer incredible anti-aging benefits!

Are you interested in learning about the benefits of fat burning, detoxification, enhanced skin health, and improved endurance? Furthermore, are you curious to know how muscle building or neurogenesis (growth of new brain cells) can take your fitness goals to the next level? Then this book is perfect for you!

The remarkable data presented in the book will likely be of immense interest to anyone who is struggling with removing tough, localized pockets of fat. Prepare yourself for a real revelation regarding successful fat loss!

By utilizing a sauna, you will learn the most current information on how to activate your FOXO3 longevity gene and increase Heat Shock Proteins (HSP's), potentially leading to an extended life of vitality. Research has demonstrated that this approach is incredibly effective for achieving optimal health with age.

In addition, an entire chapter is devoted to nutritional supplements that have been proven to activate your longevity genes. Astonishingly, the findings of a 20-year Finnish Sauna Study are also discussed in depth as their relevance for you personally when utilizing saunas.

The book culminates in outlining Dr. George Yu MD's remarkable sauna detoxification procedure, which fuses activated charcoal, exercise, and the sauna with niacin to generate powerful effects. This highly effective regimen enables people to purify their bodies by facilitating the removal of unhealthy toxins stored inside them!

This protocol was utilized to great effect following the attacks of September 11th, providing firefighters who had inhaled dangerously high levels of toxic dust with an avenue for detoxification.

With far-reaching benefits, this comprehensive detoxification therapy is a go-to choice for anyone desiring to remove detrimental toxins from their body. Its effortless implementation and compatibility with regular sauna sessions make it unique among its peers - there truly is no equal!

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