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The Sunfood Diet Success System

Profile picture of david-wolfe David Wolfe (Author)
Apr 08, 2008 | 592 Pages
The Sunfood Diet Success System

The Sunfood Diet Success System has been the go-to guide for those interested in learning about and transitioning to a raw food lifestyle since its inception.

David Wolfe has completely rewritten this book over the course of seven years to provide readers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date nutrition information available. You won't find another work that contains such inspiring and informative content on every page.

David Wolfe's book, the Sunfood Diet Success System, is an innovative book that covers how to properly maintain a raw-food diet by himself through the use of the Sunfood Triangle.

This book provides detailed menu plans, recipes, and information on topics such as detoxification, fasting, and mineralization to help readers achieve success.

Stunning images and quotes fill every page of this brand-new edition, along with fascinating facts and tips. You'll also find dozens of full-color images that have never been seen before, including Kirlian photographs.

With the Sunfood Diet Success System, you'll have access to a list of raw-food restaurants, healing retreats, and organizations. You deserve nothing less than total transformation!

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