David Wolfe

Raw food guru, nutritionist and alternative medicine promoter.

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David Wolfe is a well-known figure in the natural health, beauty, and nutrition industries.

North America wasn't previously familiar with superfoods such as raw cacao beans/nibs (chocolate), butter, and powder, goji berries, maca extract, and cold-pressed coconut oil until Wolfe brought them into general distribution.

Wolfe is the author of successful books on raw food and healthy lifestyles. He has given over 1,500 health lectures and seminars worldwide and hosts at least six health, fitness, and adventure retreats each year at various centers around the world.

Wolfe has degrees in law, mechanical and environmental engineering, as well and political science; he also completed a master's degree in living-food nutrition.

Wolfe is the founder of the non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, which aims to 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth in an effort to be sustainable.

David provides health coaching to renowned Hollywood producers, celebrities, business executives, and entrepreneurs.

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