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Unlocking the Keto Code

The Revolutionary New Science of Keto That Offers More Benefits Without Deprivation (The Plant Paradox, 7)

Mar 08, 2022 | 272 Pages
Unlocking the Keto Code

Dr. Steven Gundry, like many other physicians and nutritionists, has long advocated the ketogenic diet – a form of eating that restricts carbohydrate intake in order to force the body to burn fat for fuel.

Dr. Gundry initially thought the keto diet was very beneficial to his patients because it aided in weight loss, reduced their risk of illness, and gave them more energy. However, he eventually found out that what we know about ketosis is incorrect.

What makes keto diets so successful is a cellular process known as “mitochondrial uncoupling,” which Dr. Gundry reveals in Unlocking the Keto Code.

As it turns out, ketones are not the magical fuel source they’ve been made out to be; in fact, the body cannot run on ketones and fats alone. Over the long term, a very low-carb diet can lead to muscle wasting and poor cognitive health.

Luckily, you don’t have to restrict all carbs to reap the benefits of ketosis; you simply have to have enough ketones and other plant compounds called polyphenols present in your body to “unlock” the process of mitochondrial uncoupling. In this insightful, empowering, eminently practical book.

Dr. Gundry explains the many ways readers can ignite this process, from feasting on plant-based foods (carbs that are typically off-limits on a keto diet!) to enjoying ketone generating foods such as goat and sheep milk products, to implementing a timed eating schedule.

You will even discover the real reason how superfoods, even apple cider vinegar, work their magic; and it's not what you think!

Grounded in cutting-edge science, this is the book for all the people who have tried and failed on a keto diet; for vegetarians and vegans who want to go keto; and for anyone who wants to lose weight and enjoy better health while eating a wide variety of foods.

With food lists, hacks, and all-new recipes, Unlocking the Keto Code makes going keto easy and enjoyable for the first time.

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