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Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid, Part 1

Herbs, Spices and Sweeteners: Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Defy Aging with the World's Healthiest Food Pyramid

Profile picture of ben-greenfield Ben Greenfield (Author)
Aug 21, 2014
Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid, Part 1

Do you believe that being your best possible self is difficult? Do you feel hindered from doing so by pesky problems like body fat, aching joints, irritated bowels, and brain fog?

Surprisingly, starchy carbohydrates such as grains, bread, pasta, and other cereals are at the bottom of every food pyramid in the world. And precious fats found in natural sources are towards the top of the "use sparingly" column.

This isn't what a healthy diet looks like. In fact, this kind of eating habit has been linked to multiple health problems such as

Putting on too many pounds.
A greater likelihood of experiencing heart disease because of high cholesterol levels.
Spikes in blood sugar often result in diabetes and other illnesses.
Mental fatigue.

Ben Greenfield, a fitness coach, and speaker has responded to requests from his coaching clients, readers, and listeners for him to create a "Ben Greenfield Endorsed" food pyramid.

The Superhuman Food Pyramid is his new design. According to his own nutritional beliefs that he has expressed many times in consultations, blog articles, podcasts, and speeches throughout the world,

Part 1: Herbs, Spices, and Sweeteners will provide you with a comprehensive guide to food choices. You'll gain an understanding of portion sizes for balanced blood sugar levels as well as which herbs, spices, and sweeteners are best suited for supplementing your diet. Additionally, this series outlines which foods should be avoided due to their negative effects on health.

If you're interested in becoming healthier and reaching your fitness goals, Part 1 of Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid is a great resource to have.

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