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The Truth About Diabetes

May 13, 2010 | 62 Pages
The Truth About Diabetes

In only two years, the number of people in the United States with diabetes has increased by 3 million to reach a total of 24 million. What's more, an additional 57 million are teetering on the brink of pre-diabetes.

With such uncontrolled blood sugar levels becoming rampant, it's no wonder that dangerous consequences have followed suit; yet treatment attempts to address this issue typically fall short.

At the Whitaker Wellness Institute, Dr. Julian Whitaker has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients with diabetes- and he believes that ninety percent of all cases can be treated and reversed naturally.

This report contains everything you need to know about his treatment protocol, which is based on scientific research and case studies. You'll discover why high blood sugar isn't actually your problem and learn the one thing that virtually all doctors do wrong when treating diabetes.

In this book, you'll read case studies of patients who were able to save their limbs from amputation and their kidneys from total failure. You will also discover how to replicate their success starting immediately.

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