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Sodium Bicarbonate

Full Medical Review

Jun 03, 2010 | 578 Pages
Sodium Bicarbonate

This book is for anyone looking to manage their own health and medical care. It's the first comprehensive review of sodium bicarbonate, which every emergency room, intensive care ward, dental office, clinic, and household should have on hand.

For years, sodium bicarbonate has been utilized in chemotherapy and is now a staple in many emergency rooms and intensive care wards.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has a wide range of uses, from saving lives in an emergency to curing or diminishing the symptoms of a cold. It is an effective alkalizer and counteracts acidosis in the body.

This book goes into great detail about how to use sodium bicarbonate for specific illnesses, including cancer, and provides a host of case studies from around the world where it has been used successfully.

It also provides information on dosages, safety concerns, contradictions, and other details necessary for the safe use of sodium bicarbonate.

From its simple use as a home remedy to its potential as an alternative cancer treatment, this book is an indispensable resource for those looking to explore the possibilities of using sodium bicarbonate in their own medical care.

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