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Healing With Iodine

Your Missing Link To Better Health

May 24, 2018 | 176 Pages
Healing With Iodine

It is estimated that 90 percent of the population is iodine deficient, and odds are most of you wouldn’t think twice about it. What you don’t know is that this deficiency can directly result in some terrible health problems―from cancer to heart failure to a host of other dreaded diseases.

And what’s even worse is that while this deficiency makes most people highly susceptible to each of these problems, few medical professionals ever bother to see if iodine deficiency is the underlying cause of these problems.

What should be a red flag for diagnosing a disease may simply go undetected―and untreated. Now, bestselling health author, Dr. Mark Sircus, has written Healing With Iodine, a clear guide to understanding and recognizing this missing link to better health.

Healing With Iodine is divided into three parts. Part 1 explains what iodine is, how it works in your body to maintain maximum health, and why most people don’t get enough iodine in their diet. Part 2 looks at the many current uses iodine plays in today’s treatments. It also offers guidelines for finding the right iodine, and how it should be used.

Part 3 looks at some of our most common health problems, including thyroid disorders, heart disease, and cancer as well as cognitive issues. It also explains how each is related to iodine deficiency, and what can be done to avoid these issues.

Dr. Sircus points out that there is a growing movement in the health community to use iodine as a treatment offer, however far too many people continue to be unaware of just how crucial iodine can be to supporting your daily metabolism.

For many people, the information in this book may be just the thing that helps you avoid or overcome some of these common disorders.

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